Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libya Turmoil 69

To the 3 stooges and their media supporters.
Some basic truths are left to be said:
When I met the main reporters and journalists in the beginning of my last trip to Tripoli I thought they were basically liars. Not having had the need of ever meeting them before, and not really interested in meeting them before, I thought they had the same kind of knowledge I had. Not so, big mistake. The new type of intelligence gathering by the big media by flashing in a country and flashing out again, and copying each other obscures the real backgrounds of the news. Soundbites and textbites is the name of the game.
Meanwhile I am aware that the top-class reporters are very intelligent people, who, given half a chance, would be marvelous sources of information if only they had the time to study their subjects.
In Libya the main subject to study are the tribes.
When Moammar Gaddafi told BBC reporter Jeremy Bowen repeatedly ”No you don’t  understand the system here, no don’t say that, you don’t understand the system” it looked like Gaddafi was a stubborn idiot who insisted on belittling his interviewer, that’s how it was broadcasted without any explanations.
Except that privately the reporter admitted afterwards that Gaddafi was probably right, the reporter didn’t know the system. Meanwhile the reporter had been confronted time after time with the fact that all predictions crumbled like houses of cards.
Even the inhuman and criminal bombardments, inclusive with depleted uranium which will make the whole population for square miles around the impact zone sick with radiation sickness., launched for internal electioneering reasons in the 3 countries of the 3 stooges, couldn’t make a dent in the conviction and fortitude of the Gaddafi regime.
All the calls for Gaddafi to give up, surrender, disappear, go to his mother or commit suicide to satisfy the appetite for a quick victory of the 3 stooges were in vain, Gaddafi didn’t budge. All the media lies in the world didn’t even shake him.
The difference is that Gaddafi knows his country and his people, he knows the tribes he is dealing with successfully since 42 years and those tribes know that Gaddafi is no fool and won’t budge until his last breadth.
And there comes the biggest surprise, the tribes see a man, a man who is organizing and reorganizing their lives since 42 years, trying to bring them, in his own unique way, into the 21st century. A man who has only one word, a Libyan word for Libyan people:”I unified you, I gave you a country, I made you wealthy beyond your dreams, I did this against the assembled vultures of the whole world without bending and without accepting their anti-Libyan poisoned gifts. I controlled the rapacious oil majors and obliged them to accept our rules and laws without taking bribes and I had only the unity and prosperity of the Libyan people in my mind.
Since Libya was never a really unified country before I had to break all resistance coming from all angles to safeguard the unity of the country.”
This would be the discourse of Gaddafi if he thought it would be important for the world to know it.
But Gaddafi knows that the political leaders of this world wouldn’t even listen to his discourse, they wouldn’t even read one letter of his discourse if it would be presented to them.
The Western leaders are so impregnated with their basic Marxist indoctrination of a world government and a world police force that they totally ignore the centrifugal forces in Asia, Africa and at a later stage South-Anerica.
Gaddafi, an avid reader of history and philosophy, has seen the collapsing colonial structure of Africa and he is convinced that Africa has to go back to its tribal roots to solve its problems. He did everything in his power to convince the African leaders to go back to their roots. The problem is that those same leaders realize that their position is supported by the West as part of the Western corrupt power games and influence.
France has been on the forefront of those corrupt power games and has found Gaddafi blocking those games several times.
Libya is the original name the Romans gave to the African continent and the scholar of history Moammar Gaddafi wants Libya and its developing modern tribal system to be an example for the African development, thus screwing up the Western Marxist World Order under the control of a “politburo” in New-York, pulling the authoritarian non- or anti-democratic strings. The dictatorship of the Security Council members was challenged by Gaddafi when he made his speech in New-York and tore a copy of the UN charter to shreds.
A madman? No, certainly not, a visionary is more like it.
The unification of Europe, the real starting point for a dominant world government will be shredded in the same way Gaddafi shredded the UN charter symbolically, and the dream of a world government will die a certain death and will be replaced by a consensus between independent mature nation states.
I hope Gaddafi will still be able to see that during his life because he is one of the few who saw clear, which is a major handicap in our time of soundbites and textbites without thorough examination and verification.

Hermes MSafir


  1. New York Times carries story of CIA and MI5 having been in Libya for some weeks helping rebels.

    Also libyan foreign minister quits

  2. A Gift for the Obvious...

    But, is the defection of Musa Kusa the tipping-point?


  3. By the way, the FOURTH stooge, Nick Clegg has publicly admitted that Libya could become a 'hardline Islamist state' if Gaddafi is toppled, but HE thinks it's worth the risk.


  4. An article mentioning local residents helping libyan gov troops fight off rebels. Not something the spin would have us believe. Some independent reporters still exist.

    Plus looking at the live libya comment on the telegraph, vast majority are not buying the humanitarian excuse and are often angry and indignant at the now 4 stooges. So much for democracy.

  5. Very interesting games going on at UN to block new libyan delegate, d'Escoto Brockmann, from speaking.


  6. MT,

    Bravo! Each sentence was better than the last.

    I loved this priceless gem:

    "The Western leaders are so impregnated with their basic Marxist indoctrination of a world government and a world police force"

    BTW, it's not just "Western Leaders" who want this. There are PLENTY of Arabs (educated in the US and London) who also want it.

    The New World Order is the cause of all these wars. By destabilizing governments around the world, they can move in to fill the power vacuum.

    They are sick, Godless people. Correction, they worship at the alter of Global Government (their "god")and will use any tactics (i.e. starting war, destroying housing markets, crashing currencies, using the HAARP weapon, taking down the Wold Trade Centers, etc...) to accomplish their goals.

    They are international in makeup and view the sovereign state as an obstacle to be removed. They fancy themselves as "world citizens". How quaint!

    They would be very happy if 6 billion people would just disappear. Don't take my word, just look at the Georgia Guide Stones. They hide their doctrine in plain sight because they think we are too stupid to connect the dots.

    Sadly, the people even MORE dangerous than the gangster government New World Order types are the FOOLS and COWARDS (and you know who you are) who deny reason, facts and common sense to hide from the truth. They label people as "conspiracy theorists" in order to marginalize rather then debate the facts honestly. These people are highly intelligent and college educated BUT they are also the biggest fools in the world. They would rather pretend this is not happening because heaven forbid they would actually have to grow a set of balls and face the matter head on.

    The events in Libya are as artificially created as the banking collapse.

    You and I are the "profane masses" to these animals. They will not be happy until state sovereignty and the occupants of the state, are DEAD or enslaved.

    This is a hard truth to be sure. You have to have courage and be a leader rather than a gutless coward content to hide and hope they don't come looking for you.

    The sad fact is that there is NOWHERE to hide from these people. They are coming as sure as the Sun rises in the East.

    Where do you, THE INDIVIDUAL, stand?

    It's gut-check time! Are you a coward or are you a man?


  7. Atl,

    My take on Moussa Koussa is posted on Kappert Isle


    We have a lovely vacation package to Kappert Isle. It comes with plenty of paper and pen with an endless supply of invincible ink.

  8. Capo,

    Thanks for making my point.

    Best as always...


  9. Capo,

    You are still the muscle in this family regardless of your opinions. :)


  10. Capo,

    I'll take back everything I've ever said and reform my line of thinking a if can just explain how fire disintegrates steel and concrete into dust. Here is a hint, it has never happened in the history of time BEFORE 9/11.

    If you can explain how 110-stories of building and millions of tons of steel and concrete can fit into less than 3-stories of collapsed space (the remains of each WTC Tower), then I'll believe you. Otherwise, you are just blowing hot air. Maybe you're trying to melt the snow in Buffalo.


  11. Ceph,

    Okay, okay I'll throw in the invisible ink too into the package.

  12. Capo,

    Now you're talking. Where do I sign up? The local Sheeples-R-Us office?

    I miss locking horns with you...

  13. Just a teeny hint here of the now transparent aim of the 'humanitarian operation'.
    'Nato is discussing the deployment of multinational forces in Libya,similar to Bosnia and Kosovo.