Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libya Turmoil 29

2 articles on Jihad Watch exactly pointing at the perversion of protecting the same jihadists the US is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The 3 stooges are really screwing our civilization for their own puny little aims. 



  1. I have been reading the wikileak cables since they started coming out. I find them useful because they show what I have known from personal knowledge for quite awhile, (Georgetown alumni). The foreign service corps are not morons, they are quite capable of rational observation, now what happens to those observations by the poltical bobos who dream up American foreign policy is another matter. Two issues regarding the cables relating to Libya: 1)Why did almost none of the world media coverage that preceded this excellent adventure reflect the reality on the ground described in the cables? 2) Doesn't the fact that the administration appointed the author of the cables to be liaison with the rebels suggest that the administration knowingly lied to the American public?

    Meanwhile Admiral Hillary plays psyops games with a "Madman," how rational is that?

  2. @Capo
    I think we have been lied to here too. see link below.
    re the 'Admiral', it was amusing how around the time she was speaking the 'madman' came out speaking on live TV saying he would never give up and the western leaders would be consigned to the 'dustbin of history'.
    The US/UK/FRance etc. must be desperate to end this quickly before the little public support they have evaporates. CAM