Thursday, March 10, 2011

Libyan Turmoil 7

Sarkozy has gone totally mad today.
He recognized the “revolutionary council” as sole representative body of Libya, eliminating 4 million Libyans from the equation.
Sarkozy doesn’t  like Gaddafi very much since he signed 10 billion euro contracts with Libya and none came to fruition, other countries clamored and received more contracts and executed them.
These typical Sarkozy shenanigans, his little Bonaparte tantrums are well known, indicate that Sarkozy prefers the rule of the beards. If Libya goes to the beards, Saudi goes immediately and from Morocco to the border of India the beards will control all the countries, with Israël awash in a sea of beards surrounding them.
Oil will be totally in the hands of the beards.
I don’t know where those stupidities are coming from, but some Western politicians should be in a mental hospital.
Further I have no clue what Israël is thinking, but it looks like they are sleeping.
Al Jazeerah is screaming for a no-fly zone, the Emir of Qatar doesn’t even realize that he is cutting the legs from under his own chair. The same goes for Saudi-Arabia.
The idiotic professors on all television channels clamor for allowing democracy in Libya. I have news for those idiots: “this will not happen in the next century”, democracy can only flourish in a secular society, and there is not one single secular society in the whole of the Middle East, except for Israël. Lebanon was secular, but that’s finished now. The only secular society in the Arab world is Syria, in another form of dictatorship.
Gaddafi will only be replaced by the beards if he goes and he doesn’t want his country to go down that road.
The international media describe Gaddafi as a bloodthirsty animal, who killed 3.000 people in Benghazi in the first days of the rioting.
Where are the bodies, the graves, the bereaved families???
The lying and cheating by the media is so obvious that I am flabbergasted that the West is so blind.

I have only one advise for the West:



  1. Not only does Sarkozy's tantrum mean that Europe is the next borderland and expansion territory for the "Beards," but it also introduces the tribal/clan vendetta type operations from the area into the new European theater of operations. If I had the time I would insert here a little background into the assassination of the Greek statesman Capodistrias, or maybe the start of WWI, but instead I sit in wonder and amazement in how a spoiled, crass little wannabe Bonaparte may leave France and Europe in more than a mess than the little Corsican himself, rewriting French history all the way back to Martel. I can see the rewrites now: "Tours, a temporary setback to the emergence of a Muslim Europe."

  2. I should concede that given Sarkozy's record, I should not assume his tantrum will be successful, so perhaps I should rephrase the start of my previous post: "Not only does Sarkozy's tantrum possibly portend that Europe..."

  3. Apart from the obvious fact that Sarkozy is incredibly stupid, his actions display the limitless greed that is today pushing the West to the brink of economic and political disaster. What goes about, comes around.

    They have instigated all these uprisings in the Middle East with their intrigues and economic recklessness but it isn't be biting on only the Middle East, like the faithfully boomerang, it's arc with bring all the troubles they now foist on the Middle East back home to them. Then we will know why FEMA and DHS has been stocking body bags and building detention centers all over America. Trust me, it won't be long now before they steam in their own stew.