Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libya Turmoil 64

Reader Ego Igwe is furious, we all are.

This made my day!

A peep-hole:

"Maybe I missed something, but wasn't that The Constitution of the
United States of America that we just laid to rest this weekend? It
was buried in a private ceremony by Mr. Barack Obama of Chicago as he
silently signed America on to the One World Government some of us have
been worried about for decades.

"Look at it this way: Where did Mr. Obama get the authority to commit
United States forces to war in Libya? There was no declaration of war.
There was no authorizing resolution by Congress allowing money to be
spent on a war against Col. Gaddafi... There was no lengthy buildup in
which the Congress was 'allowed' to express the people's opinion on
whether we want to be in a third concurrent war. There was just a vote
by the United Nations Security Council, a very far from unanimous
vote, and suddenly, the President's Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary
Rodham Clinton, solemnly announced that we were at war.

"But, when did we amend the Constitution to declare that the United
Nations had control over our military? When did we abolish the part of
the Constitution that said Congress had the right to declare war? Now,
I well know that in recent postwar conflicts, we don't have
declarations of war. But we have Congressional debates. We have
funding votes. We have a sense of the Congress or some kind of
resolution. This time, zip. Nada. Nothing. Just France and the U.K.
and Norway saying that it's time to go to war, and off America goes to
war. And off Mr. and Mrs. Obama go to a South American 'fact finding'
trip for the POTUS and a fun sightseeing junket for the Obama girls."


  1. The water privatizers
    Few in the West may know that Libya - along with Egypt - sits over the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer; that is, an ocean of extremely valuable fresh water. So yes, this "now you see it, now you don't" war is a crucial water war. Control of the aquifer is priceless - as in "rescuing" valuable natural resources from the "savages"......
    This Water Pipelineistan - buried underground deep in the desert along 4,000 km - is the Great Man-Made River Project (GMMRP), which Gaddafi built for $25 billion without borrowing a single cent from the IMF or the World Bank (what a bad example for the developing world). The GMMRP supplies Tripoli, Benghazi and the whole Libyan coastline. The amount of water is estimated by scientists to be the equivalent to 200 years of water flowing down the Nile. .....
    Compare this to the so-called three sisters - Veolia (formerly Vivendi), Suez Ondeo (formerly Generale des Eaux) and Saur - the French companies that control over 40% of the global water market. All eyes must imperatively focus on whether these pipelines are bombed. An extremely possible scenario is that if they are, juicy "reconstruction" contracts will benefit France. That will be the final step to privatize all this - for the moment free - water. From shock doctrine to water doctrine.

    Well, that's only a short list of profiteers - no one knows who'll get the oil - and the natural gas - in the end. Meanwhile, the (bombing) show must go on. There's no business like war business.
    qu'en pensez vous ?
    une guerre de multinationales (françaises bien placées pour l'eau, mais pas seulement françaises !)
    bien à vous ! courage !

  2. "the President's Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary
    Rodham Clinton, solemnly announced that we were at war."

    I agree with you we must fight for democracy!

  3. @wendy
    from protecting civilians to all out war, it did'nt take long.
    Clinton just said 'the raids continue until ...blah' even though Turkey has been trying to broker a peace plan, the three stooges don't want peace.CAM

  4. @Wendy, I only know Veolia as the company which took over Onyx formerly known as Chemical Waste Management.