Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Libya Turmoil 5

To the combined idiots in Washington, London, Paris and Brussels.


It’s difficult to decide which one of you is the biggest idiot, although “Mr. Hague “made a very serious effort to obtain the victor’s palm.
This little incident will be more expensive for the UK oil industry than the whole of the BP blow out in the Gulf.
Washington is now clamoring for a no-fly zone, prodded by the Gulf-Arabs, Saudi-Arabia and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood because make no mistake, the Brotherhood is already in charge in Egypt.
The only people with a more or less balanced view are NATO and the Pentagon, they realize the difficulties.

Important points in the field

1)      Gaddafi has obviously an arrangement with the main tribes. Fight for taking back control but don’t  level the cities with bombs, limit the civilian casualties. The Libyan army and special brigades are visibly restraining themselves to avoid massive bloodletting.
              From time to time the media give death-tolls of 3, 15, 30 people in a “bombarded” city. A   bombarded city would have hundreds of dead bodies in the rubble. This has been nowhere the case in Libya.
The original death-toll of Benghazi at 3.000 dead civilians was a complete lie, there are even not 50 people dead in Benghazi in the starting days. The biggest number of dead people came from the “accidental” explosion of the weapons depot, blown up 3 days ago by the rebels themselves, 17 dead rebels were the result.
2)      Follow carefully what happens in Tobruk, see the map in the beginning of this series.
Tobruk is the first main Libyan city at the Egyptian border. The city belongs to a tribe which expands into Egypt and the Egyptian population of that tribe counts 5 million people.
The tribal chief’s family is linked by marriage to the Gaddafi family. If the tribe kicks out the rebels with whom they have really no business, it means that the Egyptian members of the tribe came to help their tribal brothers to free them of the bearded rebels. If Tobruk falls back to the Gaddafi forces, to name it as such, they can take Benghazi in a pincer from the East and the West. Follow this carefully, this is a deciding factor.
Meanwhile the battles rage around the captured cities, the Gaddafi forces are still restrained without major bloodshed. The Gaddafi forces are waiting for the rebels to come out of the cities and save civilian lives in the cities. Of course the media don’t see it that way. They want to see blood, as much as possible.

Meanwhile the media war is going on without a clue what is really happening.
My prediction as per today:
If the US does not interfere Gaddafi wins, if the US interferes Libya explodes and decades of civil war between the tribes ensues.
If Gaddafi wins there will be democracy in Libya, keeping the tribal system in mind. Saif will be able to function finally with the full support of the family and the tribes. The blueprints are ready since years for this.
If the US interferes and Gaddafi loses, the whole of the Middle East and oil countries come in the hands of the beards.

Good luck combined idiots, you nearly achieved the demise of the West and Marxism has finally come close to victory by stealth. The oil will be in the hands of the BEARDS.


  1. I see the U.S. dithering and not doing anything, even though the media seems to be beating the war drums constantly.

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  3. Well if it is somebody better tell the elites in Washington's liberal think tanks and thru their mouthpiece at NPR because it appears they really like the idea of funding via Muslim Brotherhood founded groups:


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  5. @ the2huggybears

    Hello. Just a quick question. Does you strong hostility towards "the global power elites who include a strong Zionist contingent" extend to support for the forced removal of Israel from the map of the Middle East, or agreement with the current Iranian regime's insistence that the London 2012 Olympic Games logo is "racist", because it spells the word 'ZION'?

    Thank you.


  6. @the2huggybears,

    The bearing, huggy, to the comment is that even if the global power elites are successful at masterminding some sort of Islamic Menace to rally the West and Israel, the power elites will no doubt make another fine mess of it by creating and fostering an Islamic underground in the West which will forget that they are only a bogeyman, a spectre to scare the West, a target for the West and Israel to pummel together and instead will take their role as deadly menace to the West deadly seriously.

  7. It looks like the US are actually seriously considering the situation and are not too keen on jumping into the fray for the moment.
    I pray I could take them off my idiots list. That would be nice for a change.

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  10. @ the2huggybears

    Are you telling me you are a "watcher" without a personal opinion, or is that a poor assessment on my part of your true position? If so, perhaps you could help clarify the situation for me by telling me whether you believe the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' are a fraudulent antisemitic text, or not?

    Thank you.


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  12. @ the2huggybears

    I suspect that you and I are going to have some very interesting exchanges over the weeks and months ahead, and based upon previous experience, God willing, I predict that I'll finally manage to extract a personal opinion from you sometime around the month of June (2011).

    Meanwhile, thank you for your responses to date.



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  14. @ the2huggybears

    Good Evening.

    Please refer yourselves to my comment/suggestion posted on the "In what world are we living?" thread. Thank you.


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