Thursday, March 10, 2011

Libyan Turmoil 7 (bis)

Gaddafi has promised to reveal secrets about Sarkozy and his corrupt activities which would make his presidency impossible and would create a scandal in France.

We leave that decision entirely in the hands of the Gaddafi government.
We can testify that Sarkozy is a goner if Gaddafi speaks. He would not only lose his presidency but he would spend time in jail.
We normally don’t interfere in personal lives of politicians and here also we will not tell what we know but we can assure our readers it’s no idle threat by Gaddafi. If he speaks, it’s curtains for Sarkozy.

In the field
Gaddafi decided to step up his attacks on Ras Lanuf, now he attacks by coastal road, from the desert in the South and by sea from the North. Since the population is gone his artillery and air force have a free hand.
It’s clear that he wants to put the West in an impossible position by going to Benghazi and stopping before Benghazi without butchering the population.
What is the West going to do then?
Meanwhile the doctors in Benghazi speak of a total death-toll of civilians and fighters since the beginning of the “civil war” of 400 victims. This includes also every dead body in Ras Lanuf and other places.
All of a sudden the 3.000 and 6.000 figures are gone, erased, wiped out.
In what world are we living?

To my readers, spread the word of this blog everywhere please, it’s necessary. Of course only if you agree with me.


  1. Sarkozy in jail? I can hear the start-up industry of jokes about how many former French presidents can you fit into a prison cell already. Chirac and Sarkozy together again. Hey, I hear Brit diplomats are slipping brochures of St Helena to their French counterparts.

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  3. The Master of Doom, Armageddon 24/7 Matt Drudge has Sarkozy on the top of the page as "Filling a Leadership Void" Drudge and Sarkozy go well together - in our anything for a headline world.

  4. I have already posted a favourable comment on the Peter Hitchens(Mail on Sunday) blogsite. Hitchens doesn't allow links but I'll attempt to post a reminder to his readership within the next 24 hours.


    @ the2huggybears

    Check out this gentleman's website, it might give you some further food for thought.


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  7. @ the2huggies

    Alright, you've piqued my interest. You say you have checked out Peter Hitchens' blog, then perhaps you would be so kind as to bring to my attention one example of a controversy Peter Hitchens can be fairly accused of personally creating here "which did not previously exist." Thank you.


  8. @2huggies
    George Perreira is not a credible author.

  9. Head of US Intel says Gaddafi will prevail

  10. @ Capo

    The said head of US intel has a fight on his hands about this, the White House is not pleased, nor are the idiot spindoctors.

  11. Shorn of all extraneous piffle, surely the current crisis in Libya has more than enough to commend itself to the public imagination without the need for some among us to resort to lunatic accusations that the illuminati and their cohorts in the mainstream media are behind every twist and turn.

    Exit question: Is their any evidence to suggest that Saul Alinsky was the antichrist?

    Exit answer: Whether you are a beard from Benghazi or a baldy from Baltimore with a cousin still resident in Tripoli, the short answer to that question is probably don't know, don't care, too busy trying to stay alive.

    Please folks, let's get a grip here.

    Thank you.


  12. @ ALL

    There, their... Sorry folks, I apologise for the typo.


  13. @Anonymous

    "George Perreira is not a credible author."

    It is not by George Perreira. It is by Gerald A. Perreira. I have no information on either of these gentlemen but I found the article itself interesting and believable. It fits with much of what Hermes is talking about here.

    I found the article illuminating because it analyses the historical context of the conflict. The Anglo-American elites have of course exploited these internal tensions for their own ends. They never operate in a vacuum.

    After reading this piece it is easy to see why Gaddafi is a threat to their plans. He sees Africa as his home, he believes it can have a future divorced completely from its colonial past and he does not wish to be subservient to the EU or the US. The summing up at the end perhaps says it all:

    "Let‟s get it right: The battle in Libya is not about peaceful protestors versus an armed and hostile State. All sides are heavily armed and hostile. The battle being waged in Libya is essentially a battle between those who want to see a united and liberated Libya and Africa, free of neo-colonialism and neo-liberal capitalism and free to construct their own system of governance compatible with the African and Arab personalities and cultures and those who find this entire notion repugnant. And both sides are willing to pay the ultimate price to defend their positions. Make no mistake, if Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution are defeated by this opportunistic conglomerate of reactionaries and racists, then progressive forces worldwide and the Pan African project will suffer a huge defeat and set back."

    Whether one agrees with the author's political ideology or not he has provided a piece of the puzzle that makes sense and fits the overall picture of what is happening.

  14. @ the2huggybears

    Come out, come back, wherever you are...

    Look, I may disagree with your wild conspiracy theories but it is not, never has been and never will be my intention to drive you away from this forum.I have no doubt that are sincere folk, a sincerity that extends to a genuine concern for the safety of our host, Hermes, which is something, perhaps one of the few things, we have in common.



  15. @the2huggybears

    I guess that previous McLuhanesque comment of yours (*) citing the views of one Gerald A Perreira must have slipped under the radar.

    Welcome back Huggy!

    (*) "I don't necessarily agree with everything I say."


  16. @ the2huggybears & Anonymous Atl.

    Huggy was considered as spam by the system.
    Since I don't think at all that huggy is spam I got him out of the spam purgatory, it took me some time to find him.
    Sorry for this huggy.

  17. @ Hermes

    Huggy is spam? As long as Huggy isn't toast, that's the main thing.


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