Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Intermezzo about Fukushima

As a non-active nuclear physicist I have been quite upset about the news, more accurately said the lies and panic stories of Fukushima.

To make my readers better understand I am giving you some good professional links to the reality of radiation.
Don't misunderstand me, the cost-cutting of the operator company was and still is unforgivable.
The stupid panic articles of the media are also unforgivable.
Thank you Bill.

There's so much continuing hype about radiation coming from the crippled 
Fukushima reactor that I've been on the look-out for sane information to 
counteract the media's scare tactic reporting. It also helps when 
someone with a great scientific or engineering brain helps me understand 
basic units of measurement. An active duty Navy buddy sent a set of 
data and charts this morning which should help us all heighten our 

First, a very good comparative chart athttp://xkcd.com/radiation/.

Second, the full article with text that accompanies the chart at 

Third, "A Layman's Intro to Radiation" at 

Last, a well-sourced and intelligent article at one of our favorites, 
PajamasMedia. See 

and make certain to read some of the comments regarding science 
reporting including a critique or two of Fox......... long over-due IMHO.

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