Saturday, March 5, 2011

Libya Turmoil 4

When I arrived in Tripoli my friends drove me 6o km where I wanted. I crisscrossed Tripoli on the way to the hotel.
For a trip of 60 km I saw 5 traffic cops, no arms, no military.
There were a dozen traffic cops on Green Square where thousands of people just wandered around.
Yesterday Friday several things happened:
First Saif Gaddafi gave a very convincing interview to his enemies of Al Jazeerah TV, English language.
The female reporter tried her level best to make Saif stumble, to no avail. The points Saif made were:
- Show me the Gaddafi bank accounts!
- Show me the foreign mercenaries we so-called hired.
- Go in the streets and ask the common people what they want. You know you are free to go and ask them.
- He gave the Turkish prime minister, the islamist Erdogan, a piece of his mind when the reporter told Saif that Erdogan had condemned Gaddafi for his treatment of the Libyan population:
Saif answered that Mr. Erdogan should keep his mouth shut, the Turkish handling of their Kurdish population is much worse than the Gaddafi reaction to the uprising of the East.
Saif also said that it was the bearded islamists who created the turmoil and that the Western media started their own anti-Gaddafi attack.

What Saif didn’t say was that the money blocked in the US and Switzerland is plain theft of Libyan State money which was invested by the Libyan State following the requests by the US secretary of Treasury Mr. Gaithner and his merry banker  thieves during Gaddafi’s last visit to the United Nations. They practically begged him for financial support and promised him the moon. Gaddafi at that time told his inner circle that the US would steal the money at the first opportunity but for reasons of appearing cooperative he agreed to invest some Libyan State money. I heard the figure of 32 billion dollars confiscated. Libya will have to wait decades to get this back, no matter who is in charge at that time.
Same thing with Switzerland which took revenge for the Hannibal story, but here again it’s not Gaddafi’s bank accounts but Libyan money. Gaddafi, father and son don’t have foreign accounts, none.

One word about the media:
This 5-star Rixos hotel is filled with Western media reporters, 9 to 5-vers for the most part, sitting in their rooms and watching the TV channels, which are all freely available here.
The very big exception, and I tip my hat to them, is the BBC. To their old warhorse John Simpson, who thinks he is bulletproof, and the 2 reporters who went to Tajoura on Friday and tasted some teargas, my respects gentlemen.
All the rest is absolutely disgustingly media fast food with no original ingredients.
To the “gentlemen” in Brussels and Washington, you are screwing up again, you are demolishing one more country which was on the road to prosperity for all its people. That’s a very bad thing of course, we cannot allow a successful formation of an African country in its own way, disgusting isn’t it?
The 9 to 5 media are now asking piously how Egypt and Yemen, Oman and Libya will come back on their feet, while they are showing one-sided support for tribal warfare under the name of democracy, a fake cover for grabbing of riches. Democracy for the people of Benghazi means: it’s time we retake control over the riches which we lost with the Gaddafi revolution against the Benghazi king Idriss. They forget conveniently that Idriss didn’t give them zilch of the oil-wealth and that the modernization plans by the Gaddafi administration would distribute the riches to ALL LIBYANS. The Gaddafi process of modernization was admittedly very slow, the Colonel and his people made many mistakes, after all they had no idea how to run a modern country, but the mistakes were realized and corrected and the Saif Gaddafi programs for the Libyan future are marvelous AND DEMOCRATIC, but that’s not allowed to happen, an African Muslim country which corrects its mistakes and goes its own way to prosperity, showing an example and actually helping the whole of Africa, oh no that’s unthinkable.
Meanwhile the situation on the ground is a momentarily stalemate.
There were 6,5 million Libyans and 4 million foreigners, mostly Africans. Now about 300.000 foreigners left,  all the important Americans and Europeans, Koreans and Chinese included, without having worried about the livelihood of their workers, mostly African foreign workers.
This leaves Libya with an enormous burden for millions of foreign people without an income from their companies. I am sitting here in Tripoli and have absolutely no worry for my safety while all those highly paid oil people had to be “extracted” by their countries. Afriqiyah, the Libyan state airline, is flying every day nearly empty between Tripoli and Europe, why couldn’t those pampered oil people fly with Afriqiyah? Is it that important to show that Libya is not functioning? Is it that important to demolish that country?
The more I see and experience the more enraged I become with the Western politicians.
In the beginning Benghazi told everybody they didn’t need foreign help because they had the “people” with them.
Today they are crying for foreign help, what happened, the “people” didn’t follow the Benghazi and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood lies quick enough???
Today I saw the images of the new Egyptian prime minister with a smiling Muslim Brotherhood leader next to him on Tahrir Square.
Congratulations Washington and Brussels, you are nearly there, you are not only destroying Libya, you are destroying Europe and the US.


  1. Saif raised a lot of very pertinent questions which his interviewer deflected or chose to ignore. I will continue in the pursuit of those questions and more.

    Where are the Qaddafi accounts? Why are dead black Libyans hanging off the bridges of Benghazi and on its street lights? Why are Egyptian Special forces on the ground in Libya? Why are Western arms and munitions flooding Benghazi from Egypt? What were the captured Dutch soldiers doing on the ground in Libya if they were not mercenaries sent in by the West?

    Why is the West and America not showing equal concern about the situation in Ivory Coast where women are being massacred on its streets? Answer; they have no oil for the West to steal! Why has the West and America not screamed out at Saudi Arabia in respect of its ban on the people's right to assemble and speak out freely? Answer; because they have a free hand to loot the resources and oil of its people!

    There is no humanitarian catastrophe in Benghazi but there will be in Tripoli soon. It is Tripoli that is gradually being encircled and blockaded. It is Tripoli that will soon start to run out of supplies as the West and America gleefully waits for starvation and chaos to set in. Unlike Benghazi, where Al Jazeerah has shown us supermarket shelves fully stocked and piles of flour and wheat being delivered across the border from Egypt amongst Western arms and munition.

    Indeed, American and Western 'aid' is flowing into Benghazi but not in the form of food and medicine but live bullets and munitions that is being used to set Libyans upon themselves for brothers to kill one another. In Libya, America and the West will get the war they desire but not the outcome they wish for.

    It is such a screaming shame that Al Jazeerah has sunk to the position of being a propaganda tool for the West and is today no different from the Main stream media of the West, but perhaps, my friend was right when he said they are merely working very hard to earn their share of the American market which they so badly covert... and to do so they must fall in line and worship at the altar of corporate malfeasance and Western demagoguery.

  2. @ egoigwe

    My friend, I will have some good news for you today and some bad news for the "idiots", in charge of the West, in charge of the demise of the West, thank you assembled idiots.

    Don't despair my friend, good news is coming for honest intelligent people.

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  4. Worrisome and amusing article from Time magazine is linked below. Worrisome, because these journalists are considered journalists; amusing because they hint at precisely what you are suggesting in your on the ground assessment:

    "We are not rebels," he says. "We are mujahideen."

    Of course, the Time article assures anyone who might worry about the Ilsamic fundamentalism in Libya that they are mujahideen who will stay in Libya, though it also mentions the ones who went to volunteer in Iraq.

  5. I can only agree with the2huggybears....

  6. These articles are yet another shocking evidence of the bias of our media. It is outrageous how much the truth or objectivity is also violated in this case. The populations of the West and the USA are simply manipulated. Meanwhile, their/ours political leaders just continue taking their immoral and anti-democratic decisions.
    Mr. Hermes Msafiri, thank you for your courage and commitment to debunk the truth.

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  8. Thanks for the comments.
    I think I will be able to write my conclusions latest Thursday when I see a little bit clearer, although the pattern becomes visible.

  9. I only began to see how absolutely lacking in brain power the media during last summer. As far as Western Media, it seems not so much that they are attempting to tell falsehoods, but that they are just that dumb that they will believe almost anything.

    Thanks for the report.

  10. @ Anonymous

    There are some good ones, I met one of the good ones here and I respect him for it.
    Since I am not a reporter but just an open-eyed human being, eager to understand things I see, I think I should open the eyes of other people.

  11. Glad to hear some good news is at least on the way. Libya is lucky to have you as a friend Hermes. I just learnt about the Libyan Great Man-made River project-the feat of a genius called Qaddafi. A feat grandiose enough to make the West turn green (or would be blue) with envy.

    It is also instructive to note what Qaddafi had to say at its launch. Col. Muammar Qaddafi told the celebrants; "After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double.... The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed." Qaddafi presented the project to the cheering crowd as a gift to the Third World.

    Old news perhaps, but well hidden from the reading and discerning public. Read it for yourself: Little wonder they now brand him the scourge of the West.