Friday, March 18, 2011

Libya Turmoil 13

Sorry to my readers for being silent for a few days. I am back in Europe and waited for the result of the Security Council Circus. Hillary Clinton is the responsible monster for totally ignoring the Sovereign People of Libya, in favor of fundamentalism. At the same time Obama jokes about it as you can read in the following link:

And the President emeritus of the US Council on Foreign Relations about the no-fly resolution:

Subject: US Council on Foreign Relations on US intervention
President emeritus of Council, Lesie Gelb  argues that Europeans and Arabs should intervene themselves if they consider it so imperative, US not needed.
The suggestion is that there is alot of posturing and bluffing going on among Euros and arabs

So now we are in total illegality and neo-colonialism as a good friend of mine, previously Director-General of the French DST (French Secret Intelligence Service) wrote to me. The neo-colonialism of the Security Council, controlled by the new empires, applied towards countries with strategic resources.
The excuse of “democracy” is too transparent  as white-wash for the interference in a Sovereign State. We are talking of the rebellion of approximately 20% of the Libyan population or one million people, of which probably 75 % don’t know what is going on, against 80% of the Libyan population or 5,5 million people who are totally satisfied with their lives, except for the normal daily human problems, mostly socially taken care of by their government.
There were no mass killings, no city-bombings and no atrocities.
The biggest rebel mouth, chief of the “revolutionary council”, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, was Minister of Justice, appointed by Saif Gaddafi, in Tripoli and during his tenure as Minister of Justice, until the Benghazi “uprising” he didn’t open his mouth, although Saif appointed him to modernize and humanize the system. As soon as he joined the Benghazi rebels he attacked the “inhuman Gaddafi justice system”???
Does he suffer from amnesia, he was the boss of that “system”.
So, where does Libya and Gaddafi stand now?
They are a tremendously rich country with gigantic reserves of oil and gas.
They have an opposition of 20% of their population which wants to take over the riches of the other 80%.
The population of Benghazi was never excluded of anything by Gaddafi, he considered all Libyans equal and he was the unifying factor of the country.
So now the world is supporting a 20% minority against an 80% majority and nobody knows if those 20% are really 20% or just a tiny group of media-savvy English speakers, trained and educated to take over the country?
The so-called armed population consisted everywhere of groups of hundreds of people, who dragged an ignorant population with them.
Benghazi women were never scarved or veiled, now they are. Benghazi men were always shaven, now they are bearded???
1)      Gaddafi should keep calm and not present any moving target because they are looking for any excuse to bomb him.
2)      Benghazi is not able to attack Sirte or Tripoli, although the West will start arming and training “Benghazi people”, wherever they come from, with heavy sophisticated weapons. This will create a real bloodbath between tribes in the end, a real massacre and bloodbath in the making.
3)      Libya as a country will cease to be a functioning country, it will be 2 entities with ill-functioning state structures.
4)      If Gaddafi keeps the control of the oil-fields, special forces could take that away from him, he should also divert all oil to the ports he controls.
5)      That would play havoc with the world’s oil prices because Japan is going to pick up and restart again and the OPEC countries cannot fill the gap.
6)      Yemen, Saudi-Arabia, Bahrein, Egypt, Tunisia etc. etc. are unfinished business, wait and see, Iran is already preparing more trouble.
7)      Sarkozy and Obama are both in a popularity dip, the Libyan population must bleed to shore up those gangster’s poll-ratings. Hillary acts as her usual self, a harpy with an agenda, all at the expense of the Libyan people’s blood. David Cameron is just an idiot.
God help us with such monsters at the helm.

PS: I promised an article about Saif but that has to wait, I want to see what’s happening in the coming days first.


  1. Was a little worried about you, Hermes, but I'm mighty glad you're A-ok. Yes, the unfolding events in Libya does bear waiting and observation but I am seriously disappointed and confused that neither Russia nor China found the commonsense to veto that dubious UN resolution. My thinking is that they probably have some other ace up their sleeves... but time will tell.

  2. Hallo Mr Msafiri - glad to see that you are back on your blog, your comments are so interesting and well informed and also very funny sometimes. Your English is amazing. I don't know much about Libya - as a student I was impressed by Qadhafi's Green Book, but he seems to have lost the plot a bit as he got mega rich? Happens to all us mega rich people!

    I am completely disgusted by the behaviour of Britain's Dictators (Cameron, Clinton, Blair, Bush - they are all the same). Come back Gordon Brown, all is forgiven - I think he would not have plotted stuff with that Sarkozy person. But actually he might have needed a war, because he spends all the money in the world and then some.

    We all thought the USA and Britain and a small country which shall be nameless were targeting Iran - now it turns out it was Libya that the plan was aimed at. Or is Libya just a stepping stone to Iran? The western governments are all like mad dogs, roaming the world looking for oil and other stuff because they have run out of money. Why don't they just print some money? - this always worked in the past. Perhaps this sort of blood transfusion just won't work any more.

    Hope you can keep posting, wherever you are.

  3. Just what the US needs another war for our military to be engaged in:

  4. There's some tough thinking behind both Russian and Chinese actions or lack thereof.

    -Europe's, and America's, implosion as rational actors who can effectively advance their interest in the world is to some extent in their interest.

    -One might expect some future mediating role for both or either in finding a solution for the Libyan problem, ie. so much money with no one to sign the checks.

    Additionally, in light of the Russian stance, there's an interesting little historical footnote to emphasize, despite some Western pundits who saw Gaddafi as part of a terror network that the Soviet's (& Red Chinese) fueled and cultivated to destablize the West, Gaddafi was even more of a loner on the int'l stage than generally realized. In many ways that loner role is explained and given real nuance by Hermes' analysis of Libya and its leader on this blog.

  5. Edith said: 'We all thought the USA and Britain and a small country which shall be nameless were targeting Iran...'

    Really? Who are "We" when they are at home? What does this collective "We" have in common? And why MUST that small country you refer to in your comment remain nameless? (Doesn't Yemen have a right to exist? The last time I heard, it was Iran threatening to wipe 'Yemen' off the face of the map, NOT the other way around).

    Perhaps, when the current crisis in Libya has abated, you and I could debate these points at greater length and in much greater detail.


  6. Yes, sorry, by "We" I meant people in Britain who read the New Statesman and follow the ideas of John Pilger and Noam Chomsky - not sure how many people that is, but a good few as Pilger's and Chomsky's fans are legion, right across the world. They are not all Socialists by any means, in fact there is a strange alliance of "left" and "right" when it comes to seeking the truth amidst a web of lies and propaganda.