Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya Turmoil 15

The rebels shot down their own plane to lure the NATO planes into bombarding the Gaddafi positions.
The French are already taking the bait.

My personal feeling is that a lot of Gaddafi sleeper cells of Gaddafi supporters are  available in Benghazi and are becoming active now. I will keep you informed,
I am waiting for confirmation of a couple of informations I received but I am double-checking.
The language on BBC and Al Jazeerah makes me think of Goebbels and lying Ali of Baghdad.

Now they are starting to talk about cruise missiles from US submarines.
God help the civilian population of Libya.
Those bastards are going to massacre the 5,5 million pro-Gaddafi tribes to support the 1 million Benghazi tribe.
Murderers and butchers if they do that.
They want the Benghazi people to conquer Tripoli, the idiots don't even know that the local tribes never will go for that.
I really want to wring some necks.


  1. "rebels shot down their own plane"
    Can you substantiate that, Hermes?

  2. @ Leo

    The Western correspondents saw the wreck and saw the markings.
    The rebels then had no choice but admit it. They did to BBC and Al Jazeerah.
    A mistake!!!

    Meanwhile I have info that the French started shooting, no confirmation though.

  3. The French confirmed the shooting at a "military vehicle".
    Some no-fly zone, it looks like a no-move zone.

  4. The French say they destroyed a "Libyan military vehicle", but it was not clear which kind of vehicle???

  5. @ avonaltendorf @ ZeroHedge blog

    I have read your comments on ZeroHedge blog and I registered immediately on ZeroHedge to slug it out with you. Unluckily enough their registration process is much too slow.
    I hope that some reader from ZeroHedge blog comes here and sees this comment and tells you on ZeroHedge that I am waiting for you here.
    Your usual incompetent drivel about Libya deserves to be stamped into the ground and you with it.

  6. what happen new ?
    here nobody understand anything.

    where are our democratie ?

    good job you do.
    thanks from france.

  7. @ wendy

    Thank you very much.
    Vous pouvez m'ecrire en francais, aucun probleme, mais je n'ai pas d' accents francais ni de cedilles sur mon clavier americain.

    For the moment I can only advise the French to boot Sarkozy back to Hungary where he belongs. He is using this massacre of Libyans, by the French aviation please, to regain some popularity. He will not succeed, but he is certifiably mad.
    I am sorry I cannot be more optimistic for France, being a francophile myself and spending half of my life in France.

  8. vous m'ôtez les mots du clavier! (cf. mon blog)
    je vous remercie de me laisser "parler" en français. je continuerai à vous "visiter".

    sincèrement un grand merci pour ce travail entrepris qui est vraiment nécessaire.

    bien cordialement,

  9. @ wendy

    You are welcome.
    What is the address of your blog?

  10. you have the link when you "click" on my "avatar".

    welcome too !


  11. Yep. I see this in America's future. Rural White Pat's being bombed and gulag'd by the global antifa 'goodguys', all in the name of peace and democracy of course.