Saturday, March 12, 2011

Libya Turmoil 10

The more I hear during my stay in Tripoli the more I am surprised:
In 1994 Bin Laden was charged by Libyan Justice with the murder of a Libyan in Sirte.
Libyan justice issued an international arrest warrant for Bin Laden immediately.
In 1998 Gaddafi warned the West officially against the terror activities of Bin Laden. This is all on official record.
All of this without reaction from the West.
Bin Laden always considered Gaddafi his ennemy and his anti-Gaddafi activities in Libya are known since 1994.
Who in God’s name is the terrorist here?
Gaddafi is a type moderate Sufi Muslim and fought fundamentalism since the '90's.
I just met a German journalist who went first to Benghazi.
Her comment: these people are islamists, they are not trustworthy and they have nothing to do with democracy. 
When you look and listen to Al Jazeerah they pretend all the time that the islamists from Benghazi are “democratic”, who is fooling who here.
Bernard Henry Lévy the French “philosopher/showman/Mossad” goes on a publicity spree to Benghazi and decides all by himself that those people are democratic!!! He steps on the Libyan green flag and decides that France has to anoint those people!!!
For God’s sake Israel, what are you doing, are you gone to sleep or is the name Gaddafi creating a Pavlov reaction in your zombie brains. Wake up for crying out loud.
Meanwhile Brega is taken as predicted on this blog and the next target is Benghazi.
Good luck French ambassador in Benghazi.
In Misurata the rebel-democrats had hacked human bodies to pieces and hung them in the streets as warning for the population. Democratic???
Every prediction I made here came true and the victory of Gaddafi is now certain, even for blind Al Jazeerah.
Total the French oil company has cancelled the yearly renewable contract with Afriqiyah  the Libyan state airline for their refueling in France, creating a problem for the flights Tripoli-Paris.
Good luck Total with your idiotic political decisions to please the Sarko Bonaparte. Your Libyan oil contracts are not ready to be signed for the moment.
Yesterday 2 French television crews could chose which schools they wanted to visit without any official presence. They received a list of schools and went with their driver to any school they wanted.
They came back with surprised faces. They found quality and pupils who spoke perfect English at the age of 14/15.
They could ask any questions they wanted and found that the students all had a father image of Gaddafi, the man who takes care of his people.
They couldn’t understand the politics which were going on and said that their parents participated in the political debates but that their own goals were to become doctors, lawyers, businessmen.
The reporters were surprised by the general knowledge of the children, comparing it positively with the level of education in France and much better English than in France.


Benghazi wants full military help now. The foreign fighters aren't enough anymore.
It didn't take very long.


  1. @Hermes Msafiri

    Congratulations, you've done a great job!

  2. Former U.S. Nato Commander Wesley Clark says "No" to US should intervene in Libya.

  3. @ Capo:
    US assets and special forces are already on the ground in Tobruk and Benghazi crucial coastal port cities of Eastern Libya and even beyond. Ditto the British and Egyptians. These are ports that facilitate the export of Libyan oil. They have been on the ground since late February about the same time British special forces evacuated their nationals from the Libyan desert.

    Their insertion have been facilitated by the NFSL, whose spokesman, Ibrahim Sahad, is a notorious CIA asset and Muslim Brotherhood fanatic. The run-down you witness against Qaddafi in the MSM of the West is being orchestrated by the National Endowment for Democracy and the CIA's Freedom House under their Blue Umbrella program. Basically, they are outlets for funneling propaganda to the MSM in the West and for indoctrinating the likes of Sahad and feeding them along with talking heads, recitals which they in turn regurgitate as fact on television.

    So, Wesley Clarke's warning must clearly be another psyops move intended to leave the impression and deceive us into thinking American boots are not yet on the ground whereas they are comfortably entrenched.

  4. @ Egoigwe

    Thanks for your input.
    Tobruk intrigues me, the tribal chief's family is related to Gaddafi by family and we don't hear nothing since 2 weeks from there.
    After all it's by far the biggest tribe in the area.
    Something special is going on there. We will find out soon enough.

  5. Sorry,

    Relation between Gaddafi and the Tobruk tribe is by marriage

  6. @Egoigwe

    You have a higher opinion of the US to co-ordinate its efforts than I do. Domestically and internationally the US government and specifically its intelligence and national security community is too factured and caught up in bureaucratic infighting to be consistently effective, or focused. In this case, I don't think that Clark is knowingly a part of a psy-op, though that is not to dismiss that he is playing such a role by default and that you are right there are indeed people on the ground. However, there are tremendous risks in having boots on the ground for the US at this moment, the Brits learned that several days ago. The French? Well, they have a fool and opportunist for a leader, so any success their people on the ground may have, in the end, will ultimately turn out as farce rather than success.

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  8. @Capo:

    No, I don't think I have a high opinion of the US about anything, save perhaps their unwavering capacity for causing mayhem and terror.

    Wesley Clarke is a retired NATO Commander and voicing an opinion on matters such as this cannot be whimsical; he is a talking-head relaying his 'expert' opinion. For him to express this type of opinion is surely intended to push or lure his readership in a certain direction, question is to what purpose? Clue #1: you don't become a NATO Commander by making controversial statements and this is a conditioning that stays on long after service. Clue #2: his chosen platform, the WashPo, is well known for its subterfuge and propaganda in these kind of times and matters. For me, it goes without saying, there must be a purpose to his outpourings and that purpose I argue must be psyops.

    I won't call Special forces and assets "boots on the ground", I prefer mercenaries. Boots on the ground implies a more open and agreed form of engagement. Special forces and assets are covert action, they come in under cover of darkness, off-load their bagful of terror and mayhem, and are quick to extract. I agree that Clarke may have played such a role by default, that possibility exists, but I do think it is highly unlikely that he did.

    The British did not learn a damn thing, that reportage is classical psyops, if anything it's the 'rebels' who learnt a trick or two. The so-called 'arrests' were intended to show off to the world how opposed the 'rebels' are to having foreign troops do their fighting for them on their own soil i.e. how unlike Qaddafi (who they claim is hiring mercenaries) they are.

    It is to paint the picture of brave, ill-equipped men (which they definitely are not) in defense of their nation against overwhelming odds. It's to pull the victim card and gain some sympathy and mileage in the propaganda race by reversing roles and accusing Qaddafi of that which they are in fact guilty of.

  9. @Egoigwe,

    First, that is a good point about the Brit's getting caught with their SAS down and I did consider that aspect of the story, but overall in that story the Brits, and little Sarkozy, lose because what they gained in any propping up the rebels image they lost in underming their own. After all, it is their intervention, openly and subversively, which poses the greatest risk to the natural playing out of the alignment of forces in country i.e., a Gaddafi victory.

    As for the Clarke issue, I didn't say anything about your overall opinion of the US' ability to muck things up, which I agree, I simply stated that you have a higher opinion than I, concerning the coordination and implementation of concerted plan by the US intel community.