Friday, March 11, 2011

Libya Turmoil 9

The “French” really did it this time:
This morning Bernard Henry Lévy, French playboy-“philosopher”-recognized liar and known “friend” of Israël, wrote in "Le Monde" that he was the one who brought the 2 representatives from the “revolutionary council” of Benghazi and introduced them to Sarkozy. BHL as he is known in France was the one who participated in the meeting and came out of the meeting with the 2 representatives and Sarkozy and BHL was the one who declared to the world that France would recognize this council as sole representative of the Libyan state.
If I would be Alain Juppé, the French foreign minister, I would resign instantaneously. BHL has taken the job of French Minister of Foreign Affairs.
What the hell is going on in France?
Where the hell are Israel’s brains? Gaddafi is cleaning up Brega now, it will be finished today, and he will be at the gates of Benghazi in a few days.
Is everybody crazy that a known lying cheater playboy like BHL is making the French policy of Foreign Affairs?
Sarkozy definitely lost it, but more worrying, Israel is definitely not clear in their head either anymore: if Gaddafi goes, which will not happen, Israel is awash in the “Beards” who would surround them, Gaddafi is saving the West AND ISRAEL today from fundamentalism and the West and Israel do everything to stop him.
The only clearly thinking people seem to be the military, NATO, Pentagon and the C.I.A., those last ones for the first time it seems to me.


  1. Hello! Say,are there any Israelis out there reading this blog? If so, please, take a few moments to post a comment from an Israeli perspective.


  2. Who says the Anglo-US elite wants stability in the Arab world?

    They intended to profit from turmoil in Europe and thus engineered WWI and WWII.

    They will also profit from WWIII in the Arab world (predicted by Albert Pike 100 years ago) and will salvage their rotten system for another 50 years.

    Unless we speak out.