Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libya Turmoil 68

I will be absent for a few days probably since I am with our group on a factfinding mission which I will tell you all about in about a week's time.
Meanwhile  I will try to send some news everyday.

Today CAM assembled following tidbits for us.

As I thought, the more time passes the more difficult it gets for the three stooges.....

Legal experts warn usa it is illegal to arm rebels

Cameron in trouble

Public opinion and legal expert say enough bombing

US using depleted uranium bombs. Of course depleted 
uranium for military personal, not for civilians. 
The civilians resist the radioactivity.

More about al quaeda

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  1. Interesting- Reviewing comments on line at the Telegraph it seems most of the public are not buying the humanitarian 'cause' for intervention at all. What ordinary people are saying, often angrily, is pretty much opposite to the spin and statements by governments in the media.