Saturday, March 26, 2011

Libya Turmoil 51

"Rebels" want France and coalition to leave.
Translation: If the coalition stays the Libyan population and tribes will finish us.
Gaddafi is arming the population, not bad for a bloodthirsty brutal murderer, he is giving his population the chance to oust him, OR NOT???
Thanks CAM/from the Herald Sun.

Rebels thank France but want 'outside forces' to quit Libya

LIBYA'S rebels have thanked France for its role in the Western-led military blitz against the Gaddafi regime but said "outside forces" could now leave the country, in a letter published overnight.
"In the middle of the night, your planes destroyed tanks that were set to crush Benghazi. ... The Libyan people see you as liberators. Its recognition will be eternal," wrote rebel leader Mahmoud Jibril in the letter addressed to President Nicolas Sarkozy, published by the French daily Le Figaro.
However, Mr Jibril said: "We do not want outside forces. We won't need them. We will win the first battle thanks to you. We will win the next battle through our own means."
French, US and British air strikes against the regime of longtime Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi began a week ago under UN Security Council Resolution 1973, which authorised "all necessary means" to protect civilians and set up a no-fly zone over the north African country.
Forces loyal to Gaddafi had been closing in on the eastern opposition stronghold of Benghazi when the campaign began.
Rebel forces early yesterday made their first significant victory since then, recapturing the strategic town of Adjabiya, also in the east.
France was the first country to recognise the rebels' "national council" as the "legitimate representative of the Libyan people" on March 10.
The rebels, emboldened by revolutions in neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt that ousted strongmen Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, launched their drive to topple Kadhafi, in power for 41 years, on February 15.
"The Libyan people, as well as neighbouring friends, notably our Tunisian and Egyptian brothers, see in the help you have brought a great gesture towards the Arab world," Mr Jibril wrote.


  1. I am so depressed and flustered that I can barely continue to read this flow of "murderous madness" that continues to ooze from the West's coalition of imperialists.

    Events, about in our world today, is on the cusp of madness. Only when the smoke clears will we get an inkling of the numbers... numbers trampled upon and bombed into a sandy grave out in the deserts of Libya by this Coalition of Madness.

    I hope this so-called letter to that Shark-oozing dung betrays some evidence of saner heads starting to prevail in Libya. Warfare is not worth the paper its written on anywhere.

    What is our world coming to? It's already in a state of global anarchy and fast disintegrating. Is this all we are going to leave behind for our kids; rotten corpses on our streets? I weep for my kids... and for yours.

  2. Sounds like the tribes brokered a deal. Well, let's hope the coalition listen... he will have to be firm with his 'get out' at the meeting tuesday.
    Might there be elements who feel they have one foot in the door and would like to keep it there? Still lots of rhetoric and spin in the UK. However if the fighting stops no real excuse to intervene further. Then at least they can come together for the sake of their country.
    Can Capo shed light on the US position/likely reaction? CAM

  3. @egoigwe
    yes, like you I feel so sad for all those who lost their lives amidst all that senseless destruction. your description 'coalition of madness' is spot on. The Italians call Sarkozy the dwarf/napoleon ( combines into one word in italian) and he is said to be 'unbalanced'. Let us really hope they do now stop and pull out. CAM