Friday, March 18, 2011

Libya Turmoil 14

Tunisia refuses its airspace to the foreign air forces which want to apply the no-fly zone over Libya.
Even better, the Tunisian people are protesting in a mass protest in front of the US Embassy, shouting : "Hillary d├ęgage", meaning  "Hillary get out"
I see that not everybody is stupid.
Bravo Tunisia.


  1. Meanwhile we leave the impression of telling our ally and friend Japan to drop dead, and we rush our Naval forces off to aid 'rebels' who we know very little about except their leaders once worked quite happily for Gaddafi.

  2. Bravo Capo.. You've nailed it. And then you hear "conservative" blowhards like Sean Hannity calling for a change in Libya. A change to what? Radical Islam? Some people are stuck on stupid!

    Best.. Cephran