Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya Turmoil 17

The US has launched cruise missiles and explosions are heard in Tripoli.

Congratulations, the oil is nearly for free, you only had to kill a couple of thousand innocent Libyans.


  1. Sorry, it's the British who launched the cruise missiles, under the command of an American Admiral for the joint operation.

  2. Now it's confirmed 120 cruise missiles have been launched on all Gaddafi-controlled coastal cities by US and English submarines.
    I have reports from Libya that the civilian casualties are horrible.
    The Tripoli airport is bombed, that airport had about 10.000 foreign workers camping around it, waiting to have a flight home.
    Poor people, dying for the glory of unpopular politicians who want to boost their popularity by bombing and killing innocent people.

  3. I agree with anon. You credibility - along with your whole blog is now "crap".

  4. @Anon. and Anon,

    We will see what the number of civilian victims is in reality.
    I saw those foreign workers camping around the airport myself 4 days ago.
    There are enough foreign correspondents in Tripoli to report the truth.
    The war was started "to protect civilians", my ass.

  5. @ The 2 polite educated gentlemen above

    I forgot to mention that while I was looking at the foreign workers at the airport several trucks came and distributed food and bottles of mineral water to the foreign workers, gift from the "Gaddafi monster". There were also dozens of military busses parked. The officials with us explained that they were thinking of transporting those people to the Tunisian border, I hope they could do it.
    BTW, while this was going on Weyr Davies, a BBC correspondent for whom I have a lot of respect and with whom I had some hours of interesting discussions, came with his television crew and filmed those workers.
    Last night 2 B-2 bombers dropped 40 bombs on Tripoli airport, "to save civilian lives."
    I hope the workers were in Tunis meanwhile.
    So next time you call somebody moronic and crap, think first before your mouth, pen or key-board runs away with you.

  6. Hermes -- It's good that you added details, but otherwise, ignor the other 'anons' -- they are likely trolls, possibly JIDF types. -- 4thPos

  7. @ Anonymous

    Since I am a ferocious defender of the freedom of speech I will answer them and put them with their faces in it, that's my freedom.