Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Libya Turmoil 5 (bis)

Concerning the so-called request by Gaddafi to the “revolutionary council”or whatever their name is, for immunity, I don’t believe a word of it.
First Gaddafi wouldn’t talk to those people even if they put a gun to his head.
Second, what is the national and international jurisdiction of these people, what are they to grant anything?
This hoax is typical for what is going on and the media repeat this BS as if it’s God’s own truth.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates

Dear Arab idiots,

You financed the beards, they are now taking your country.
Feeling finally stupid?


  1. Traveller,

    The front page of the Wall Street Journal today is trumpeting that Western Banks and oil companies are shunning Libyan crude so that gas prices will continue to rise for the regular, everyday hardworking folks in the West. So Western governments, bankers and oil companies are going to fund the 'peoples' i.e. "their" peoples rebellion in Libya and their little looting of Libya's wealth on the backs of Western consumers. How rich,...for them.

  2. @ Capo

    This is correct.
    The major oil companies have dragged their feet since years to invest in exploration in Libya.
    Oil politics are not very nice, to say the least.
    Meanwhile the assembled Western idiots are more and more pushing for a no-fly zone in order to make their wishes come true. There was no popular uprising in Tripoli as they expected, there was only tribal warfare in the East and in Western prepared pockets.
    The tactics of "popular uprising" didn't work, if the US interferes now in Libya, the whole of the Middle East and all Middle East oil is in the hands of the beards.
    How stupid can one get?

  3. Didn't BP call off its offshore work and pull out its employees last fall?

  4. @ Anonymous

    No they didn't, they just apologized that the Gulf disaster had caused them delays.
    Since the off-shore job they planned in Libya is similar to their Gulf job and equally expensive it's normal they took some reflection time concerning engineering and finances.
    Their Libyan deal was very advantageous as far as their share is concerned, but they still have to put up the money first.

  5. @Hermes

    Glad I asked then. There were many problems with that well design over here. The tiebacks of the casing were not nearly as strong as standard ones, and with a very long string casing. It was less expensive and they had been getting by with this method for years until Macondo.

  6. Meanwhile, the Finacial Times reminds us what it's all about Alfie: Story about the Libyan Central Banker gone missing.


  7. In the meanwhile, a lot of local media in Flanders keep on going on about the unsafe situation. They have articles on websites, newspapers, and the whole day you will have the radio never stopping to mention the problems in Libya. Public opinion is easily fooled. Unfortunately, only one-sided information is seen as the whole truth.

    I guess Al Gore will make another movie in a couple of weeks: 'A convient truth'