Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Libya Turmoil 6

Azzawiya has been taken by the Gaddafi army. Amazingly the population came immediately in the strrets to shout their relief and happiness that the fight was over.

I watched the video’s van Ras Lanuf today and came to a firm conclusion, Gaddafi  is not lying, it is the Muslim Brotherhood and the beards.
Libyans never have a beard, they are always cleanly shaven. More than 50 % of the  fighters I saw on TV and video are bearded, a sure sign of fundamentalism. Those people didn’t come from Ras Lanuf, they are fundamentalists and come from any place the Muslim Brotherhood recruited them.
Further Ras Lanuf is now empty of its population, only 10 people are in the petrochemical complex to make sure there are no accidents by malfunction.
There are further a handful of doctors and nurses in the hospital to take care of the wounded rebels.
The doctor, interviewed by Al Jazeerah, English Channel, declared that the majority of the wounds were inflicted by the wild shooting of other untrained rebels!!!
Now the most important part of my report:
This morning one of the “operators” of the petrochemical plant declared on Al Jazeerah, English Channel, that there were 2 tanks of 15.000 tons each with highly poisonous gasses kept at low freezing temperatures and that the risk existed that those tanks would be hit by the Gaddafi air force. This would create a poisonous atmosphere and within 15 km thousands of people, everybody, would die.
My immediate reaction was bullshit. 50 tons of poisonous gasses in tanks would be already an unacceptable risk, 15.000 tons is utterly impossible. 2 tanks is lunacy and nobody would even dream of doing this.
This afternoon, KABOOM, a crude oil tank not far from the “poisonous”gasses, is hit by the “Gaddafi air force”, and 30 minutes later a “representative “of the “revolutionary council” declares in Brussels that they absolutely need immediately a no-fly zone to avoid the accidental bombing” of these tanks. He also declared that the “blue plume would be seen by the White House”.
This is so transparent that it makes me vomit.
Without being in Ras Lanuf I can already tell you from my desk in Tripoli:
1)      There are no poisonous gasses in those 2 tanks, probably they are natural gas tanks, and
2)      The beards dynamited the crude oil tank themselves to fool the idiot politicians, why should the Gaddafi air force bomb their oil tanks, nobody is picking up oil there.
More news later.


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  2. I find that this is a simple refinery with naphtha going to an olefins unit to produce ethylene & propylene (with a few by products) with a polymers units.

    From Google Maps it looks like there are about 8 what could easily be cryogenic tanks. They are all in a row closer to the sea than the rest of the tanks and manufacturing units. They could be used for ethylene and or propylene storage as liquid. That would make a pretty big boom. It would likely be much larger than natural gas exploding.

    Such tanks are sealed up tightly with a void between the inner shell and outer skin filled with perlite & a complete vacuum placed on it as insulation. The internal pressure of the inner shell would not be that high, but high than oil tanks for sure.

  3. Would not it be wise for Qaddafi to keep the Beards from selling the country's oil, to fund their activities?

    All those "anti-aircraft" guns in the beds of pickups sure do not seem like something thrown together by a few disgruntled tribesmen.

  4. @ Anonymous 1

    I checked it's ethylene and propylene.

    @ Anonymous 2

    It's clear that this is an organized "invasion" of foreign beards and local misled idealists.

  5. @ Anonymous 2

    There are no tankers coming near because of the war risk insurance. They cannot sell the oil.

  6. Makes sense about the war risk insurance. But there was a report of China getting several hundred thousand barrel shipment?

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