Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya Turmoil 19 (bis)

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  3. I don't understand. What causes a sudden change in attitude of US towards Mr Gaddafi. I think it should be related to money and oil. Do you know any details?

  4. @anonymous

    Money and oil will always be an issue, but the driving force in the US decision was domestic politics within the Democratic party and the national security elites (pl) which hobnobs at think tanks and social events around DC. Obama is more interested in beating back the Clintonites and keeping them on a leash than he is concerned about the world. In this case he threw a bone to Hillary to keep her quiet.

  5. Maybe it is time for UN/bombers to 'show restraint'. Now the pictures of the damage are out maybe the arab league will withdraw its support. CAM

  6. @ Petrus Potgieter

    Baaie dankie meneer.
    Was that the correct spelling?
    I hope South Africa follows this closely and uses its brains.
    I know the Boers will.

  7. @Capo

    You are exactly right.
    They are sacrificing innocent Libyans to their own election hopes. There is no difference between them and mass murderers.

  8. The Arab League is now having second thoughts. They said they supported a no-fly zone not a bombing zone.

    Apparently we have a failure to communicate between Nato and the Arab League. What the Arab League didn't understand from Satrap Sarkozy is that - 'first we kill everyone who might fly and then we have a no-fly zone.'

  9. Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, just conceded on a Sunday morning news show that Gaddafi may be still be in power after this Western intervention. The victims of this intervention will be dying for years to come around the world. The American military and national security apparatus has now created a new strain of a world actor who will practice irregular, guerilla type warfare driven by something just as deadly and in some ways more ruthless and cunning than jihadism, the new actor will be driven by vendetta.

    I wonder if any of the thousands of analysts sitting in Nato intel agencies thought to reference the Gaddafi family feud with the Swiss to understand what we might expect in the West if we didn't handle this intelligently?

  10. I hope Gaddafi wins so he can carry on eliminating all those who oppose him.

  11. @ Anonymous

    He will NOT eliminate them, he will pardon them.

  12. @capo
    I agree,there seems to be a complete failure of intelligence (tribal splits/other issues) and common sense, Sarkozy and Cameron are playing boy's own war games without experience of the horrors of bombing. If the armed rebels now attack government forces in a city who will they bomb to protect 'peaceful civilians'? With a number of air forces lining up to bomb anywhere it is going to be a free for all. Also no one mentions that this is mainly a ground war and as the Indian delegate said at the UN, there had not received a report from the delegate who visited Libya, prior to the vote on the resolution. Ditto the Russians, there is no independent verification as to the situation on the ground. CAM

  13. @anonymous,
    You mean like some of the opposition leaders who once opposed him and seem remarkably alive to oppose him again?

    This isn't about supporting Gaddafi or opposing him, that's reducing it to the mindless drivel from MSM and headline hunting Western politicians whose only concern is who wins or loses in the media not who dies and who lives in Libya. What it should be about is first getting a factual analysis of the actors and environment our husbands, wives, sons and daughters are being asked to risk their lives to contend with as they are sent into a third undeclared war by an elite political class which has lost any sense of the consequences of keeping a nation in perpetual war.

  14. Al Jazeera is now sending in its military arm: The Qatari air force is screaming in from the east to join in on the bombing runs I mean no-fly zone.

    "French Defense Ministry spokesman Laurent Teisseire said Qatar warplanes will join the operation alongside French jets, as a "historic partner" of France in the Arab world."

  15. @hermes
    An interesting news site is innercitypress com
    shows what has been going on at the UN re resolution. CAM

  16. @ Capo,

    Now it's really time for the foreign reporters to come home when those cowboys start bombing...-)))

  17. @ Anonymous CAM,

    I guess I owe you 2 now.

    Here is the link to the very interesting article by innercitypress:

  18. @ HERMES

    Baie dankie vir die Afrikaans.

    A little more than a century ago our forebears fought for and lost their 2 Boer Republics in a vicious war against perfidious Albion.

    However, we were able to win it back from them politically only to lose it again due to the same kind of deceit and hypocrisy the West is using towards the Arabs now.
    Obviously the Afrikaner also had his own traitors of the FW de Klerk and Pik Botha ilk.

    I still believe that we will eventually get our country back.

  19. I introduced Boer farmers to Libya.
    Gaddafi wanted to give South African farmers preference.
    If you are a farmer we can talk about it by e-mail

  20. Capo is correct when he says that this is not about supporting or opposing Gadaffi, nor should this blog site become a 'No-Fly Zone' for self-loathing Westerners and crackpot conspiracy theorists.

    In his latest Mail on Sunday column, the author and journalist Peter Hitchens writes:

    Why can't we just let the Libyans fight it out (then make friends with the winners)

    That's my position too.


  21. Just checked out Petrus Blog , some good material there also on this issue

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    You are right.
    Petrus blog is :

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    Thanks for the info.

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