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Libya Turmoil 70

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Muossa Koussa. No, I Don’t Think I Will.
30 March 2011
by Douglas Brown
Rumor is that Libyan Foreign Minister and former Intelligence Chief Moussa Koussa upon landing on British soil requested to be taken directly to the Duke of Hamilton. Today, after spending the night in the Rudolph Hess suite in one of MI6 finest facilities, we will hear what excuses Koussa gives for making the mad dash to Albion shores and disowning his past 30 some years in the employment and service of the Madman of Tripoli.
To be fair to Koussa, once word got out that the CIA would now be COVERTLY aiding the rebels in the east, the ones with ties to Al Qaeda, Koussa had no choice but to make a run for it. He was trapped, in Tunis. In fact, one can be pretty certain that the timing of the White House leaking of the COVERT campaign was timed to shove Koussa out of Gadhafi’s inner circle, an objective more well thought out than the actual announcement of the planned aid. 
Koussa had worked closely with the Agency to spearhead Libya’s rapprochement with the West and in the elimination of Libya’s WMD programs. His failure to use his contacts and influence with the Western services to first fend off Western intervention and then to either influence or neutralize the American role in the adventure left Koussa very exposed and suspect within Gadhafi’s inner circle.
 Koussa’s assessment of his precarious position and his subsequent flight to the West is revealing and opens up some interesting scenarios. First, Koussa’s flight suggests that the decision making process within Gadhafi’s inner circle is very tight, very focused, and very swift to eliminate threats.  Koussa didn’t really have the luxury of hoping that Gadhafi ‘s war council would take time and reflect on how best to utilize Koussa, they are in the business right now of eliminating threats within the country as quickly and efficiently as possible. Koussa , the ex- intelligence chief, quickly recognized his  limited options, outside of life in a burqa and in the loving night time embrace of a decrepit and blind Bedouin chief, foreign flight was an element of any option he had. The fact that he chose the Rudolph Hess tour package to Britain suggest that while he realizes he has been boxed in by the West, he is hoping that some mediating or mediator role can be carved out for him by a service which he has successfully worked with before.  Of course, that same service which he has placed his bets on is just as likely to use him as a sounding board stashed away in some isolated, impossible to access location to guide their efforts to undermine the Gadhafi regime from within.  
How will we know? The British press on the Moussa Koussa watch might want to check out in the coming nights if any lights appear on in the Tower of London, the last prisoner’s cell might be having “Hess” erased and “Koussa” inscribed on the door at this very moment.

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