Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libya Turmoil 31

I thought I couldn't be shocked anymore.
Reader CAM proved me wrong.
What do you think about this prime witness tale?

Found an interesting post by someone ‘telegraph 1’ on the telegraph website about the action the downed jet took before it crashed.  (
Post is right at the bottom  of page so here it is.
Post Telegraph1
Daily Telegraph Report 17.00 22/3/2011

"One of the Harrier pilots to take part in the bombing runs was Capt Michael Wyrsch, 33, from Maryland." 

"We had intelligence that Gadaffi's forces were moving from the south towards Benghazi," he told the Daily Telegraph aboard the USS Kearsarge.

"When we were 50 miles away from the target we could see explosions in the distance. American F15s and F16s had flown in before us.

"It was pretty easy to engage the targets because they were strung out along a highway. It was a huge convoy - at least 50 vehicles. We engaged tanks, armoured fighting vehicles and artillery. They were all direct hits. We were not engaged by anti-aircraft fire and no missiles were shot at us."

So a US pilot was in the area and "intelligence" reported the a convoy, which was on the road, had been identified as a target. He was ordered to attack and completed it.

Firstly, did the pilot confirm, that in fact, the convoy was heading towards or away from Benghazi and were his commanders aware of the convoys direction, did they in fact not care? - NO

Secondly, Is any video, edited or not, available to support the direction of travel of the convoy? - NO

Thirdly, if the Government Forces were in convoy travelling how were they threatening "civilians or civilian populated areas"

Fourthly, was the convoy attacking the illegal "crusader coalition" planes - NO

Fifthly, How far away from the targets did the pilot fire his missile?

Sixthly were any "Crusader Coalition" troops on the ground in the area to assit with targeting the convoy?

Our brave boys then attacked a convoy of vehicles travelling along a road in agreement with their ceasefire and were illegally murdered. 

No question of acting in self defence. 

No question of them attacking Civilians or civilian populated areas. 

Murder from 10,000 feet. 

Murder from 5 miles.

Murder assisted by "crusader forces" "on the ground.

An illegal, immoral war waged by little men with expensive toys.

The "crusader coalition" leaders are criminals and should be taken to the IC


  1. @ reader janvonholland

    Thanks for the link.
    Friedman is definitely well informed, normal he is also a traveller.

  2. "An illegal, immoral war waged by little men with expensive toys."

    The video clip of Secretary of Defense Gates chuckling it up with General Petraeus about bombing Libya several days before this excellent adventure will be Gates own defining moment in history followed by his excuse about the operation's lack of operational cohesiveness due to the ad hoc nature of planning it: 'on the fly' so to speak.

  3. I'm speechless and stricken...

  4. @ Egoigwe

    The callousness of politicians is without limits, absolute power corrupts absolutely is no lie.
    Every single politician in power I met had this sickness.

  5. Thanks Hermes for all informations about Libya and Colonel El Gadafi...
    We in Serbia (app.70%)support our friend Gadafi and Libian people and wish them to win this murders from 10.000 feet!
    We are with them in our thoughts and we pray for them..
    On 20th of March in Belgrade was meeting of support with our brothers and sisters in Libya.The next one is planned for 26th March.
    And there is 45.680 supporters on Facebook..
    Today is 24th of March, and 12 years of NATO bombing Serbia-78 days and nights these "brave men" only from the sky (the most safe way for them to stay alive) destroyed the whole country- factories, hospitals,bridges,etc., killing civilians in their homes,in the trains,on the markets and streets!
    It was an illegal and immoral war, as it is in Libya now.The scenario is the same-"humanitarion help" and care for these ones who wishes the "democracy"!!I'm sure that M.El Gadafi is smart enough not to make our mistakes.

    We now have "democracy",but no jobs,no many,all natural resorces are sold,print and electronic media sing the same song(as dady said),our government is so servile that it hurts.They haven't their own opinion about national future,and Serbia now is as a puppet on the string.
    And,imagine this-our government will be the HOST to the same NATO(annual conference of this terorist organisation!)in June,in Serbian capital-Belgrade!What a shame!!!
    I know that's my English so poor,but I hope you will understand what's the meaning of this post.
    Thanks again on understanding,

  6. Dear Jadranka,

    I went to Belgrade under communism and later after the split-up of Yugoslavia.
    I visited Serajevo and Zaghreb, Slovenia and Macedonia.
    My dear I understand your pain and frustration.
    We live in a soundbite and textbite world, thinking is not required anymore, as long as the mass-media bring it forward.
    I hope I can bring some small support to the the thinking people.
    By the way my blog has a lot of Serbian visitors, I thank them all.