Friday, March 11, 2011

Libya Turmoil 8

Ras Lanuf was taken yesterday.
The Gaddafi forces are going after Brega now and after that it will be Benghazi.
Sarkozy will have to be quick to send his ambassador if he wants to arrive before the city is in the hands of the Gaddafi forces.


!) The Gaddafi forces took several Afghan prisoners, I hope they bring them in front of international television.
2) The people in Azzawiya told the soldiers who liberated them that they didn’t understand the language several fighters spoke, and that they had never seen them before in the city.
3) In Ras Lanuf the courageous female Al Jazeerah reporter was surprised that the rebels knew how to fight this guerilla type war. She thought that the amateur fighters”had learned very quickly.
Madame I have news for you, these “amateur fighters” are fighting since childhood in Afghanistan and the “Stalin Organs” (multitube rocket launchers) they were handling with precision cannot be learned in 3 days.

Conclusion for this morning

As Saif Gaddafi said yesterday in his press conference:
-          The Arab League and its ilk can go do something, Libya is not impressed with them.
-          Sarkozy is a beggar and the Libyans have the proof of that. Surprisingly the Libyans don’t turn against France, only against Sarkozy, saying he is not really French. The French themselves are more and more convinced of that.
-          The self-confidence of the Libyans is amazing. They admit they were taken by surprise in the early days of the coordinated attacks. It took them some intense intelligence work and quite a lot of contacts with the Benghazi population to understand what happened.
-          The massive bombings on cities and civil populations as reported by Al Jazeerah never happened, bomb craters and vaporized houses are not visible. The Russians declared already there was no bombing of Benghazi, according to their satellite observations
-          The Libyan army warned the people from Azzawiyah, Misurata and Ras Lanuf when they were going to attack and to leave the city. They let the population leave freely.

I had some internet problems in the morning, I hope I can post this latest in the afternoon.


  1. I don't know, Gadafi's son said there were bombings, to "scare" insurgents. Why would Al Jazeera lie? Or why would the russian military lie?
    Anyway, like should care if insurgents are bombed or not.

  2. @ Anonymous

    The fighters in Ras Lanuf and Bin Jawad were definitely bombed, but not the cities and that is a big difference.
    The figures of 3.000 and 6.000 dead through bombings in Benghazi are pure lies. Benghazi was never bombed.