Saturday, March 26, 2011

Libya Turmoil 49

To the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan and Iraq:

Dear Marines, Special forces and other combatants:
When you are fighting the Taliban, fundamentalists and other suicide attackers, don’t be too rough.
It’s better to exchange some business cards and cell-phone numbers, because those same “people” will be your comrades in arms in Libya.
Last night the first combined “rebels/fundamentalist/Al Quaida /NATO/US airforce attacks” with support from special forces imbedded in the “rebel/fundamentalist/Al Quaida” forces, took place in Ajdabiya.

Congratulations to the 3 stooges for really screwing up the West.

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  1. In a letter to The Telegraph on the 25th a reader writes, 'if the rebel forces advance to Tripoli and launch attacks which cause civilian casualities, will the British government decide to bomb the rebels? Or are some civilians more innocent than others?'
    Sounds like desperation by the coalition to end this but it will be logistically tough to cover that length of ground. Particularly as civilians are getting ready to defend Sirte. CAM