Saturday, April 23, 2011

Libya Turmoil 96

Levantine found this jewel for me.

From Anhar Kochneva, writer, orientalist, a director of a travel company for 14 years specializing in Middle Eastern countries:

"After Libya it is Syria's turn to be dragged into the information war. 

In Damascus, demonstration was held in support of the course the president - the Western media have reported that the demonstrators demanded his resignation. 

Bandits killed several unarmed police officers, who are now denied the right to use arms. The press writes that demonstrators were among the victims. 

Showing of footage captured on a phone in Iraq or in Lebanon a few years ago - and viewers are watching and are astonished at what "is happening in Syria.".....

The whole set-up is based on lies and cheating.
They caught a Spanish "journalist" talking "live from Misurata" from the terrace of her room in the Corinthya hotel in Tripoli.

I have some atrocious video's about the rebels torturing children, men and women, mostly soldiers they caught in the beginning.
I will try to place them tomorrow if I can solve some technical problems. Try to send the link to as many people as you know, this murderous lying and cheating with human lives has to stop.


  1. I have no camel in this fight, so I'll shed no crocodile tears for the Syrian regime, but I'm happy to help disseminate any information that comes my way showing the "murderous lying and cheating" taking place on ALL sides.


  2. personnellement je suis inquiète quant aux "retombées" de ces merveilleuses révolutions sur la politique européenne.

    l'immigration "invasive" sera peut être la porte ouverte aux "directives dictatoriales" européennes.
    attention !

    désolée de m'exprimer en français !
    bien à vous !

  3. True, in wars/civil wars atrocities happen on all sides but in this case the point is that our elected politicians have deliberately sided with one side in a sovereign nation, this is illegal under international law. From various sources now on line this side is apparently committing deliberate atrocities. As people in democratic countries that supposedly respect the rule of law our governments are guilty of appalling hypocrisy, stupidity and duplicity. CAM

  4. @ Wendy

    No problem.
    Wendy regrets that she writes in French, no problem.
    Her comment explains her worry about the consequences of these multiple civil wars.
    She is afraid we will see an "invasion" of immigrants.
    She is not alone with her worries.

  5. I can find nothing in the comments made by CAM with which any fair minded individual could or should disagree, nor do I see anything I wrote in my original comment on this thread which makes any argument to the contrary. I repeat,I/We have no camel in this fight and so for that reason I'm opposed to this Libyan intervention, but neither do I believe that so-called "stability" in the region is desirable either.

    Mark Steyn was recently asked the following question:

    Mr Steyn, as an avid follower of all your work, I'm familiar with your oft-stated disagreement with "stability" in the Middle East. But today we appear to have anything but stability, albeit trends show a 100% change that damages America and enhances radical Islam.It is not unforseeable that regime change in the Middle East might- and maybe inevitably would- benefit groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, or states like Iran...

    Are you now happy that the much maligned stability is over?

    Steyn's response:

    No, my position is exactly as stated in 'America Alone'- that the "stability" we spent the best part of half-a-century trying to preserve is an illusion. The Muslim Brotherhood is ugly but represents something real; Mubarak is ugly but in the end represented nothing but himself and a few kleptocrat cronies. Likewise, Hamas vs Fatah. Propping up "strongmen" while everything transforms under the veneer of "stability" is a fool's errand. You're better dealing with reality rather than retreating into fantasy.

    Steyn doesn't support the current intervention in Libya and neither do I. But, if the current Syrian regime goes tits-up as a result of civil war, he's unlikely to lose any sleep over it, and neither will I.


  6. If the following strategy is good enough for Syria (and it should be) why isn't it good enough for every other thug in the Middle East?

    Article: Oppose Assad