Sunday, April 17, 2011

Libya Turmoil 87

To Libya and the Libyans:

The last 6 weeks I have seen the agony of this country and its population from up close.
The total shock and lack of comprehension is visible on the faces of the educated and non-educated, young and specially old.
The women are enraged because of the danger to their families and the very real threat of losing their recently won equality and status.
My present article is a daring stab in the unknown, because I think that this war is giving a chance to the world.
To the West it gives the chance to look closely at the murdering idiots who pretend to govern them with only their well-being in mind.
To the Muslim world it gives the chance to recognize the real murdering, power grabbing, money hungry intentions of the so-called islamists. Islamists who have only one motive: control everything and everybody through fear. They are serial killers beheading and torturing to instill fear in the normal population.
Islam has absolutely no place in their murderous minds.

So it is very much possible that out of the stupidity and crimes of Western murdering politicians and Eastern murdering gangsters there comes the final realization and christalisation of the real values of humanity.
And it is the steadfastness of Moammar Gaddafi, a so-called bloodthirsty tyrant which will be the final catalisator of the return of common sense in the world after years, decades of stupid circus-show conflicts, initiated for the personal glory of politicians and advertised, even supported, by the big media for the benefit of audiences attracted by gory bloody pictures, falsely presented under the banner of humanism and compassion.
Moammar Gaddafi has started a revolution in the poorest section of the Sahara desert, fully intending to make the Libyan tribes into a nation-country, fully intending to distribute the wealth of that Libyan nation to all Libyans.
He succeeded, notwithstanding the ignorance of his uneducated people and the unbelievable malevolent interferences of the different Western political leaders and major corporations, in cahoots with the big media, which they control anyway.
The worst part is that those different political gangsters had different personal motives without thinking one single second about the pain and the grief they caused those Libyan people which didn't do them any harm.
That's what I heard constantly: Why, Why, What did we do to them, to France, England and the U.S.?
By the way, don't come with Lockerbie and the UTA, Libya and Gaddafi had absolutely nothing to do with this, the proof for that is available and it is published, nobody has the right to ignore the truth there anymore.
The bombings which are daily taking place and the people which are daily killed do exist, even if the 3 stooges keep saying that their bombs don't kill civilians. You must be a total moron to keep pretending such drivel.
I have seen the results of certain bombings and the pain of the victims, men, women and children is real.
Every time we saw a victim some moron from the media was questioning if the victims were not bombed by the Libyan army?
By the way, it's the army of the Sovereign State of Libya, it's not Gaddafi's army.
That army has done the most remarkable job of self-restraint and discipline after the initial killing of the soldiers in the barracks and arsenals, when the "popular uprising" started with dozens of soldiers killed. The attacks were preplanned with military precision, all on the same day and the same hour.
The Libyan army could have gone on a murderous rampage, they didn't, they evaluated and waited and waited, while having meetings with the tribal elders to prepare their strategy.
Moammar Gaddafi went very cautiously forward and made not one single strategic nor tactical mistake.
Neither did his generals and his 2 military son/commanders. The behavior of the Libyan army was cautious and saved thousands of lives through their cautious approach.
The dead are counted by the hundreds and not by the thousands as the murderous extgremists from Benghazi claimed.
The latest lie is the use of cluster bombs by the Libyan army. Cluster bombs? By an army which is restraining itself since 7 weeks now for fear of too many civilian casualties, for fear of killing too many Libyan citizens.
Cluster bombs? Not one single shred of evidence, but it's good for convincing the Western population to send troops for a land invasion of Libya.
The Western media and Al Jazeerah claim that thousands are fleeing Misurata and show a video of a small coaster with 2 families in a container.

People from the West and people from the East, take your responsibility as citizens of this world and kick out your crooked murdering politicians and your false religious murderers. 
Let's not accept murderers anymore to speak in our name, let's take care of our crooks, each of it's own crooks and let common sense and humanity prevail.

Something good will come out of this, I pray for it.


  1. Well, where to begin? If you're British and the type of person who likes a good conspiracy, here's one that's gone way beyond the theory stage and one we can ALL believe in, even moi-meme. It's called the EU.

    'In Burkina F(i)as(c)o where half the population earns less than 70p a day, Belgian dance instructors are teaching people how to dance through 'I Dance, Therefore I am' project. The Belgian organisers said: 'If its music moves, Africa will also move.'

    You can read the rest of this article here.


  2. No, really, this article is a MUST read...

    'Uganda is also getting £407 million over five year, Its president Yoweri Museri, who fought an election with posters depicting the 67 year-old AS Rambo, bought a Gulfstream G550 jet...'

    Unfortunately, and for different reasons,neither Charlie Sheen nor Muammar Gadaffi were available for comment.


  3. Have you heard the one about the Christian electrician who is being persecuted for displaying a small palm cross on the dashboard of his van? No, it's not a joke and it's not taking place in Libya, Egtpt or any other Muslim country for that matter, it's taking place here in Britain. The persecuted electrician in question is called Colin Atkinson. Atkinson's boss has a poster of Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara on his wall. Boom! Boom!

    Exit question: Where are either of the two huggies when a Christian needs 'em most?


  4. Hello to fellow 'Nigels' everywhere. This one is posted especially for you.

    Google: A Rogue by Any Other Name Mark Steyn


    'As David Cameron likes to say, pretty much everything wrong with the world is Nigel's fault. If Hollywood ever does make a movie about the Iranian nuclear program, you can bet the Twelfth Imam will turn out to be called Nigel'.

    Note to Hollywood and anybody else listening:

    Nigel's fault? Well, to quote our intrepid host Hermes,

    that's "Bollocks".



  5. Thank you Hermes. I will join you in that prayer, that something GOOD will come out of this. That is a prayer I believe God will answer.

  6. One "good" think that could and should come out of all this is if all the Nigels and Nigellas reading this blog starting praying AND actively supporting the Colin Atkinson's of this world and paying far less attention to the rest of the Sheen-anigans we've had to endure over the past 6 weeks.


  7. Update:

    The electrician making a stand over his Christian beliefs was yesterday thrown out of his workplace of 15 years... because he had 'upset his workmates'.

    Mr Atkinson's boss, Denis Doody, is (still) allowed to display a poster of communist revolutionary Che Guevara in his office.

    It is believed Mr Doody is one of the 'upset' colleagues.

    Substitute Mr Atkinson with a British Muslim keeping a personal copy of the qur'an on his dashboard and Mr Doody's poster of Che replaced by a poster of Colonel Gaddafi and what do you think the public response to THAT scenario might be?

    Meanwhile, still no hugs for Mr Atkinson, I see.


  8. Connecting the dots.


  9. Connecting the dots (2) Apologies for the typo.


  10. @ Atl.

    Is there no judicial remedy for Mr. Atkinson in the "new" U.K.?
    The case is so absurd that many people wouldn't believe this possible in the country of "speaker's corner". Are you sure you live inb the UK. and not in some African backwards tribal society? As an afterthought, African backwards societies don't do this.


    If you wtach this entire interview of Moussa Ibrahim by Stephen Sackur BBC, you will notice two things:

    1st Moussa Ibrahim is a pretty fast thinking and very capable spokesman for Libya.

    2nd Stephen Sackur is a pompous, arrogant blowhard who does a good impression of the pompous, arrogant interviewers who dominate American cable news on the right and the left.

  12. @ Hermes

    The politicians who are meddling in the internal affairs of Libya, in the name of freedom and liberty, are the same secular multi-culti jihadists who are largely responsible for their own country's moral and cultural demise. Like I said previously, this isn't happening to a Christian in Egypt or Libya, it's happening here in the home of the mother of all parliaments.

    Exit question: If efforts by the EU to teach Africans how to dance "moves" Africa, how come Anne Widdicombe's recent dancing escapades on British tv didn't manage to get Britain moved i.e. thrown out of the EU? I smell a conspiracy.