Thursday, April 14, 2011

Libya Turmoil 80

Reality today

Now see the main Al Quaeda leaders involved:
-         Abdel Hakim Al Husadiy
Presently amir of Darna, the Eastewrn Libyan city with the most Al Quaeda terrorists per capita in the world, see the West=Point study above pages 9 to 13.
Abdel Hakim was in Afghanistan as member of the leadership right next to Osama Bin Laden. He is a close friend to the next Al Quaeda leader Abu Yahya El Libi, 2nd man after Bin Ladin.
-         Abu Yahya El Libi, 2nd man after Bin Ladin, born in Tripoli. Present location supposed to be in the Middle East.
See above links where the State Dept offers 1 million dollars for the capture of El Libi, now they are financing his jihad. I am too stupid to understand this.
-          The brother of Abu Yahya El Libi, imprisoned in Libya as member of the LIFG, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,  released 6 months ago as a gesture of good-will, thank you very much. Presently fighting with the rebels.
See the above wkileaks-article/link about him.
-         Saeed Al Shahri (Saudi national), Al Quaeda leader jailed in Guantanamo, extradited to Saudi-Arabia and promised solemnly never to be involved in terrorist acts again, no sir.
-         After this promise the Saudis released him, thank you very much and he disappeared to Yemen. Was reportedly killed in Yemen en and miraculously reappeared in Benghazi. Presently fighting in Ras Lanuf, Ajdabiya and Brega. Received a new identity from the National Transitional Council in Benghazi, Libyan passport, birth certificate, the works.
-         Guantanamo prisoner 379, presently on the American most wanted list.
These are the ‘fighters of the Benghazi popular uprising’.
These are the people the 3 stooges and the 3 female Valkyries of Obama want to support with weapons and the money from the Libyan population.

Get the money seized in the Western countries, certainly the money in the US, UK and France.
With this money they can claim to be genuine buyers for the Libyan people’s uprising and the arms sellers are just that, sellers, not supporters.
Meanwhile the Qataris finance the present arms supplies, based on oil delivery promises, like the oil stock which was stored in the Tobruk tanks and sold. The pipeline from Es Sider to Tobruk is closed by the Libyan army, but the stock in Tobruk is sold.
Qatar took the oil as collateral and the promise for future deliveries and is now financing arms and ammunition and probably France because France has huge financial problems...
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  1. This link that you recommended, didn't work at the time I tried to open it.

    I found the article here (on the same site):

  2. The al Quaeda role in eastern Libya isn't a silver bullet argument against support for the 'rebels.' (A "silver bullet" is a simple and complete means to solve a large problem.) There are various motivations among the people who fight on or support the rebel side, that seems evident.