Friday, April 8, 2011

Libya Turmoil 77

I will be back on my blog regularly now.
First I want you to see this video, which is exactly the stupid situation which we are facing here.
Mind you there are wiser people in the CIA and the European services, but they are not listened too.
In the CIA the wiser people are now slowly taking the upper hand, but in Europe Sarkozy and Cameron lost their mind and are now fighting for their survival.
They thought to finish this "little war" in a weeks' time, they are now stuck in the Libyan sand.

After looking at this video, you go to the next article 78
and will see something unexpected.


  1. Welcome back HM.

    Several points should be kept in mind.

    The key moment in the "Libyan Affair" was the UN resolution. Once that happened that decided several issues. One of those issues was the debate and discussions going on within the national security community on Libya. That community is NOT limited to the CIA, nor is it controlled by the CIA. The CIA is the lead implementer in carrying out certain functions that POLITICAL appointees decided to pursue. The divisions within the community concerning the wisdom of choosing the option the POLITICAL appointees decided on was pretty evident in the lead up to the formal foreign intervention into Libya by the UN.

    What I found interesting was the really covert foreign intervention that may have triggered events in Libya which your preliminary report suggested. And I look forward to hearing more about that.

    For those who are surprised or put out that the CIA or any foreign intelligence service was on the ground in Libya before the outbreak of this insurrection/civil war, my question is why wouldn't they be? I'm pretty certain that Libya has their foreign intelligence service also operating in foreign lands.

  2. So is one to understand there is a disagreement between the coalition ( USA/UK/France) now?

    The french seem to have been involved at the outset according to Franco Bechis, article posted some time back .CAM

  3. Hello. The Cyrenaican terrorism facts that Webster Tarpley mentioned are documented here:

    There are by now many indications that this is huge; a project with many vested interests. Take care Hermes/Mercury.

  4. @ Capo

    You are right.
    The info I have locally here and from Washington is in the same vein.
    Presently there are 4 Americans detained, captured in Ras Lanouf, who claim to be journalists.
    The problem is that they didn't enter the country as journalists, listed with Tripoli. I hope they can proved they are journalists.
    It is further true that the Libyans hope to have the support of the CIA and the Pentagon for not further involving the US in this murderous venture. Most Libyans I talked to are convinced the US will not really continue.

    @ Levantine

    Thank you my friend.

  5. Dear Hillary and Her Fiery Amazons,

    The gals from foggy bottom expressed ignorance about who the "rebels' were as they pushed America into yet another war, perhaps they should have read some of the dispatches from their own people in Libya before putting American spouses, sons and daughters at risk in yet another war. Ladies, if you can't find the State Dept reports in the State Dept one might suggest you look here - something about Gadhafi releasing 131 members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), back in 2009.

    Not exactly standard operating procedure for a mad blood thirsty, dictatorship is it?