Saturday, April 16, 2011

Libya Turmoil 85

Some very good articles from the British Press.

It looks like the British media are waking up.


and from a military writer

Some Americans are waking up too:


  1. Arm Libyan rebels to prevent Islamic extremists taking over, warns ex-Forces head Lord Dannatt.

    [Mail on Sunday 17/04/2011]

  2. @ Anonymous

    Lord Dannatt should give a little explanation.
    It looks to me that the rebels are fighting with and for the extremists.
    Some inside info:
    The rebels get their orders from the Islamists and attack first while the 'Beards' keep to themselves in the background.
    The 'Beards' give the orders, and when it goes wrong they take off first.
    I have more info but that has to wait for a green light. In total I have 60 megabites text, the Camerons and Sarkozy's would do well to take their job as seriously as we, common business people, do.

  3. Ex-CIA officer: Obama fools himself, Muslims see US bombing Libya