Sunday, April 24, 2011

Turmoil Libya 98 (bis)


I could not get confirmation of the news in Benghazi, I must wait until I receive independent confirmation from people who return from Benghazi on Tuesday for the full details of what happened.

If I receive news meanwhile I will let you know.
There were hundreds of private phone calls from family in Benghazi to the people in Tripoli but I want confirmation from my own sources.

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  1. Peter Hitchens in his most recent M-o-S column (24/04) writes:

    The main effect of our (Libyan) intervention has been to prolong a civil war, and the futile carnage in Misrata is largely our fault. Having intervened supposedly to prevent a massacre in Benghazi, we may be causing one in Misrata.

    The only truly humanitarian course now available is to provide an evacuation fleet to get non-combatants out of the city as soon as possible.