Friday, April 8, 2011

Libya Turmoil 78

This video was shown first by Al Jazeerah at the start of the "riots".
I didn't understand the video because it was presented as a targetting video by the Libyan army of the city of Azzawiyah. Why would the Libyan army look for possible target locations during peace time, without real targets, the people are walking peacefully in the streets???
So I checked.
The Libyan army and air force don't have this equipment and they are still wondering who took this video.

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  1. On the blog NOTtheTalk somebody is asking what this video is supposed to prove, and how we know what city this is.
    Further he is asking where to find the evidence that this is an American video?


    This video is supposed to prove that somebody was making a sophisticated target-video before the 'popular uprising'.

    The city is Azzawiyah and all one has to do is to check with Google Earth and overlapping the images.

    I specifically wrote that the Libyan army is wondering who made the video, nobody knows as yet,