Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hermes will be temporarily unavailable

To our readers:

As Hermes is not available for the moment, he asked me to give you some news:

" In my search for the true reasons of the Libyan war and the truth of the situation, I am for the moment stranded in Libya as part of a commission. We are trying to defuse some of the situations. Unfortunately they also defused my laptop, so I can't connect to the internet for the moment. Once I can again post the latest views from another pc, I will not hesitate. My promise to you is that I will return safe and sound and that I will provide you the insights once I am able to do this."

So far the message of Hermes. Please try to keep on spreading the word.
The truth is out there... It's not only the tagline of the X-files, but also our moto.


Hermes, with the help of Dionysos.


  1. We can't wait to hear the news and insights.

  2. 'Instead, what has begun to emerge is what many feared in the first place – a stalemate, defined by two sides playing a kind of lethal tag in the desert over deserted oil towns.

    By last week it had led one of America's most senior officers, General Carter Ham, head of US Africa command, to warn publicly for the first time of what Washington, London and Paris regard as the nightmare scenario. "I do see a situation where that could be the case," he said. "I could see accomplishing the military mission which has been assigned to me, and the current leader would remain the current leader."


  3. Another article of interest- about US and CIA in the middle east. CAM

  4. Just emailed nato, you can too; CAM

    To complain as to why the reports from AP (press)today state:
    The rebels, backed by airstrikes, have been making incremental advances. On Monday, the town was under rebel control’.
    However some days ago, General Ham : ‘But the general also explained that the allied mission was not to "support opposition forces if they engage in offensive operations." ref:

  5. Libya peace negotiations under way - thanks mercury - let us hope they suceed. CAM

  6. CAM,

    In regard to your Tarply post, this is not a CIA insurrection.

  7. Capo,

    Could it be that the CIA CREATED Al Qaeda? Before you get me some new Reynolds Wrap for my tinfoil hat, please consider that:

    1) the CIA created the ISI in Pakistan (per Jack Wheeler and others) and

    2) OBL was a CIA operative in the 1980's (does one EVER stop being a CIA operative). Curious how can never find him...Hmmm

    Could it be that AQ is actually a creation of the CIA or elements within the organization?

    It's a serious question and I'm curious to hear your answer considering your knowledge of the CIA.



  8. Ceph,

    I think you're short a few beads of a full Rosary. And for me, that is as serious as I get.

  9. Capo,

    Let's take this one step at a time.

    Is Jack correct when stating that the CIA had a hand in creating the ISI? If not, I'd like to know where he (in your view) is misguided. Is Jack crazy too?

    Was OBL a CIA asset in the 80's war against the Soviets?

    You can dispute the AQ part because I'm not sure I believe that.

    I'm merely trying to understand the dirty business of global intelligence. So that makes me crazy? By that standard, anyone seeking knowledge to learn more about a topic falls into that category. Wow!

    These are real simple questions and you won't answer them. I've had plenty of time to study you over the years and I've noticed that when your argument lacks merit or substance you resort to calling people crazy (in your own little way). That's a marginalization technique perfected by Liberals who could not rebut Conservative arguments on the merits.

    We come from the exact same part of the world and have many similar, religious, life and educational experiences. if I did not know you better I'd think you were some kind of dissembler. Heck, maybe I don't know you at all.

    I'd like to believe you're a genuine guy but maybe all that time in Washington has stripped you of that. Or maybe your just too blinded by your Idealism.

    Where exactly did I lose my rosary beads Doug?

    Is asking honest questions in order to understand things better not worthy of your time?

    Perhaps we need to have a sit down. Those never turn out good for the person who is "sent for". LOL

    Best regards to you (as always) even if sometimes I'd like to give you a slap.


  10. Another fascinating article someone posted on the daily telegraph about possible true reasons for libyan debacle. China and Africom etc

  11. @Capo
    thanks for the feedback re the tarpley report.There is so much info out there it is hard to see the wood for the trees.

  12. Ceph:
    "I've had plenty of time to study you over the years and I've noticed that when your argument lacks merit or substance you resort to calling people crazy (in your own little way)."

    I'll send you a whole Rosary. Pay no attention to the 666 return address.

  13. Ceph,

    The paper boy delivered your morning paper to my house by mistake:

  14. I always know when I've hit close to the mark with you Capo.

  15. Heck Ceph, what do I know you're the expert on me and you're the expert on serious questions about the CIA, though thank you for acknowledging I have knowledge about the CIA and the dark murky world of intelligence. Why is it any darker than the rest of life?

    Back to your broken rosary, the problem underlining your questions and assumptions to my ear is simple, you give evil too much credit. I don't care if you have pictures of Bill Casey and Osama bin laden out drinking and chasing girls in Riyahd, what does it mean? The germans gave Lenin a ride to the Russian Revolution. Do you think the USSR taking of Berlin in 1945 was just an op of a rogue element within German intelligence?

    Reason and faith are fundamental to sound judgement. I said initially in this thread that this is not a CIA insurrection. I am not surprised that Russian sources and Russian sources who have traditionally thought along terms of Russian / Soviet analysis are going to try to paint this as a CIA op in some way, that predictably but frankly silly. Does the CIA, Western , and connected Arab services have a stake in taking control of this insurrection and placing people in key spots of course, so what that is their job. Will they do it without making matters worse and more chaotic in Libya? That is another question.

    However, the more important question is how many beads are you missing?

  16. @ Capo and Ceph.

    The present Libyan imbroglio is simply a case of overreaching by an idiot, crooked Sarkozy, joined by an idiot la-di-da British old-school-boy, and pushed by the 3 Obama Valkyries.
    They are murderous idiots who are playing a deadly game with a stacked deck in favor of the 'beards'.
    The 3 stooges have no clue of the dangerous situation they are creating and the media are cheating so bastardly that the public is totally confused.
    Thank God for 'The Telegraph' and the blogs.

    It will take me some 2 days to finish my preliminary article on the final outcome.
    The final report will take at least 10 more days. It's too complete.