Saturday, April 30, 2011

Libya Turmoil 102

The Gaddafi murder chase.

Since one week Tripoli is bombed every night in pursuit of the so-called information where Gaddafi is staying.

During this wild goose chase the NATO/Al Quaeda democrats have killed at least 30 civilians and wounded a multiple of that number,
5 minutes ago they bombed a housing and villa complex and the wounded are streaming to Al Khadra and all private hospitals.

Yesterday night they bombed the Ministry of Human Rights and a government office with the department of "care for handicapped children"

All this to protect civilians!!!
This madness must stop now!!!

The Nuerenberg Tribunal did not accept the concept of "Befehl ist Befehl" and condemned the military and civilian actors of criminal offences against humanity and international law.

I am officially calling for criminal action against every political and military leader who ordered the bombings, every pilot and ships captain who fired missiles into the civilian area's of Tripoli.
Tomorrow I will try to find out the number of dead and wounded of today.
The Libyan Authorities don't give any numbers of dead and wounded anymore to avoid a total outbreak of rage by the tribes.
You have no idea of the rage inside the Libyan population and every bomb on a civilian target increases that rage.
Personally I am totally dumbstruck by the idiocy and criminal intent of what's going on.
People from Europe and the U.S. wake up from your silly consumer occupations and think about the total lack of Justice, Morals, Honesty and the  murderous Machiavellism of your gangster/leaders.
Today it's Libya, tomorrow it's You.


  1. Maybe it is starting to sink in among some of the major news services see this Rueters story on hitting the Down Syndrome School:

  2. The Nato strike against Gaddafi's son's residence, would have been signed off on by Obama himself. Several US lawmakers would have been notified, and the the top national security people would have been in the loop. One might expect that confirmation hearings for the new DoD Secretary and CIA Director would be very revealing, but don't. There is no one in the top leadership, or in the vapid, celebrity obsessed media in this country who has the integrity or intelligence to realize that openly assinating foreign leaders / their families might have some serious blowback issues.

    This was bound to happen, the marriage of incompetence (those within the admin who pushed for this action) and competence (those who can target and kill a foreign country's leader)from a leadership elite which seldom thinks outside of their own immediate standing and future within that elite.

    Washington group think now is no matter how dumb or dumber this intervention was, Gaddafi has to go, i.e. be assasinated. The worse thing is if he is allowed to survive and pursues payback at a later date. William Cohen former DoD Secretary said as much the other day and it seems to be the accepted wisdom in a city void of any.

  3. Clothcap has some excellent coverage of this going on on his blog, I couldn't register for some reason/clich.

    The Washington talking heads can't get past their own delusions. McCain once again wins the prize for being the dumbest and most aggressive guy in front of a camera on a Sunday. We are going after command and control centers according to the dumbest guy ever to fly off an aircraft carrier. No doubt Gaddafi's grandchildren were barking out orders to shoot down Nato warplanes over Tripoli at the time they were ripped apart, no doubt Senator the little bastards thought they could hide in their own home, maybe their own beds, while they were planning the massacre of their peers in Benghazi. We are ruled in this country by a bunch of sick and warped megalomaniacs.

    For years we had to listen to the crazies on the left rant about how we assasinated Allende, et al, now those same leftists in power are using our national security establishment to do exactly what those numnuts took to the streets and college campuses to protest in their glorious youth.

  4. You may like to write to the is their contact page:

    they may be interested to follow up on the norwegian pilot who killed 3 libyan children, as that violates the R2P