Monday, May 16, 2011

Libyan Turmoil 127

The executions of Libyans in the late 1976/1977.
The Yom Kippur war of 1973 is well known as an Egyptian/Israeli war, it is much less known as an Egyptian/Libyan/Israeli war.
The Libyan Air Force was very active in that war, their Mirages were superior to the Egyptian Migs.
When Sadat stopped the war Gaddafi asked him why Libya was even invited to participate in it and to risk Libyan lives if it was to stop half way.
Then a several years long rift started between Libya and Egypt.
Egypt succeeded in seducing the Eastern tribes to start creating a subversive movement against Gaddafi, in effect risking to split up Libya already in those days, and leaving Egypt to collect the spoils.
Colonel Jalloun,one of the chiefs of the Warfalla tribe was committed to house arrest when he started the problem again in 1992, although he is a fervent Gaddafi fan today, having realized the dangers he started in those days.
The executions were executions for treason and they were really forced on Gaddafi to safeguard the unity of his country, exactly the same outside problem we see today.

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I talked to the chief of staff of the Libyan Air Force in those days, who participated in the heated discussions and Gaddafi felt really betrayed by Sadat in those days.
Meanwhile we know that Egypt is a very nasty neighbor of Libya with its own hidden motives.

BTW all I have found about the thousands of public executions were 8 high ranking military officers with the rank of Colonel and General. 
I didn't find any mass executions. 
If they existed I would like to know.


  1. mass executions in Libya that weren't really so big? No way! What's next? We learn the Abu Salim massacre was exaggerated tenfold or stripped of context in Western reportage?

    Egypt had special commando squads in Cyrenaica by the first days of March to support the rebels, it's been reported. (link somewhere - it's a squad with a 7 in the name) Might have been there a week earlier too, for all we know. Really, how do you just take over - what - twenty cities? In a couple days based on sheer spontaneous emotion?

    Also Odd how the new government in Egypt was on firm enough footing to venture foreign covert ops so early on.