Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Libya Turmoil 113


Misurata should be over in a few days, the tribes are heavily pushing and the locals are delivering their weapons to the tribes.

Benghazi has a lot of shooting going on, the tribes are openly in the city. The news from the city is scarce and only the satellite phones are working between Benghazi and Tripoli.
The tribes are telling Tripoli that they are gaining ground in Benghazi.

Let's see what the 3 stooges are going to do now, ask Al Quaeda to help with more beards?

If Italy withdraws it's going to even be more complicated.

Libyan mentality:
Answering my question about the mood of Moammar Gaddafi and if he was going to make a speech on the death of his son, my Libyan friend told me: "With so many sons of Libya dying he is not going to select the death of his son as a special case, his son  is a martyr anyway and sits now in heaven, we should rejoice."

To the 3 stooges: FRAME THIS


  1. Could you please tell us a bit more about your sources?

  2. @ Levantine

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. Please re visit Al Qaeda Intermezzo (2).



  3. @ Waterput

    Local intel, military and returning civilians.
    One has to talk to dozens of people to gather a clear picture and one can still be wrong.
    The real basic truth is quite simple:@
    Without the bombing this problem would have disappeared since weeks without the so-called bloody revenge.
    Today that feeling of revenge is definitely coming out and will lead to all kinds of vendetta]s.
    I have seen the stupidity of the Western "planners" in Afghanistan and I see the same thing again.
    What are they going to do? Kill everybody? This stupidity has no limits anymore, it is criminal and totally opposite to the desired results. Gaddafi is a hero like he never dreamed of before.
    The intelligentsia which was more anti-Gaddafi in principle is now totally pro-Gaddafi.