Saturday, May 14, 2011

Libya Turmoil 120 (part 1)

World wide conspiracies and single individual conspiracies.

This title is not meant as a joke. In my business life I think about a new project and how to get it through and working.
This involves mostly a well thought out scheme where I have to be quicker and smarter than the competition. If I am not, it's curtains for the project. This can be easily classified as a one-man or small group conspiracy, using the limited man power of a small operation.
If, on a much grander scale, Airbus wants to sell airplane tankers to the US Air Force, they will need a mega-conspiracy to achieve that goal, involving corrupt politicians, corrupt military personel and maybe a more economic and superior technology. The reaction by Boeing will predictably be a more dirty, more corrupt conspiracy to stop this interference in their "home market". As well Boeing as Airbus consider the whole world their "home market", the Chinese are meanwhile preparing some surprises.

This is all understandable and could be classified under human greed and stupidity, except for my little schemes, they are entirely justified of course...-)))

It becomes a little bit more embarrassing if the majority of the media become the tool of the ruling government, without practically any dissent, like we see today in the Libyan embroglio. Is there a world wide conspiracy for world control ???
This has brought some friction on this blog between some commenters who see definitely a pattern and others, i.c. Atl. who   
sees absolutely no world wide conspiracy.

Meanwhile Capo came with his observations about the Roumanian General of the Secret Service, General PACEPA, who, in one of his books published the theory that the KGB was already launching islamist extremism against the West, combined with spreading of drugs by the multitude of "revolutionary" groups in Latin America and the loss of morals in the West as a whole, say the total weakening of the West at a time the Soviet Union leadership was already aware they were fighting for their survival.
This information coming from a general who was in the thick of it coincided nicely with a personal experience of mine in 1981 in Cairo.

(Part 2 comes tomorrow)


  1. @ Hermes

    Thank you.

    Ok,let the debate commence.

    @ Levantine

    Thank YOU (Re: Libyan Turmoil 118)


  2. @ Hermes

    Let's get the ball rolling. In a previous thread you claim to know for certain that Gaddafi is neither dead nor wounded and, until I see evidence to the contrary, I won't seek to argue with you on that issue. However, acting as temporary spokesperson for the British conspiracy theorist David Icke on this thread , what we would like to know from you and your Libyan sources is,can you confirm or deny that Muammar Gaddafi is a reptilian in a human skin (just like Al Gore, Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth II etc)?

    A simple yes or no will NOT suffice. Evidence, please.



  3. @ ALL (who would like to come to the aid of Hermes)

    The word you a looking for is "Falsifiability"


  4. We interrupt this world-wide conspiracy debate for the following breaking news.

    New York Port Authority has declared a no fly zone for French politicians, well one French pol:

    Carry on...very little apparently...carry on...

  5. @ Capo

    There goes his chance to become the next French President, he was the main socialist candidate.
    He should have known that a good socialist only sodomizes an entire population, not just one individual.