Sunday, May 1, 2011

Libya Turmoil 111

Russia is getting fed up.


Russian Official Tells Press NATO Going into Libya

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Sergey Lavrov
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told national broadcast media on April 30 that NATO and Europe are planning for a ground presence in Libya.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the Russian press on Saturday that they were aware of a ground campaign being prepared within NATO and some European nations.
“The information we have from our channels shows that both NATO and the EU are working on similar plans,” Lavrov saind on Russian TV. Translated from the Russian, Lavrov said that the he understands the idea is for the EU to develop plans for humanitarian convoys, and that nothing would be done with NATO on the ground unless the United Nations Security Council said a ground invasion to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was within their authority.
“If anybody wants to ask for this idea for carrying out ground campaign to the UN Security Council, then we will discuss it there and try to understand what is being planned on the ground,” Lavrov said.
A NATO campaign against Libya was launched on March 17 after a late night UN Security Council resolution condemned Gadhafi’s government and military for ordering strikes against anti-government protests.
Over the weekend, the Libyan leader declared war on Italy.
Last week, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said he still didn’t understand the modus operandi behind the NATO Libya operation. According to Ria Novosti newswire in Moscow, Putin said NATO went beyond the UN’s March 16th mandate when it dropped guided missiles on Gadhafi’s government offices in Tripoli.
“What kind of no-fly zone is this if they are striking palaces every night?” Putin said in Ria Novosti. “What do they need to bomb palaces for? To drive out the mice?” Putin even went as far as suggesting that Libya’s oil resources were a main object for NATO’s interest in Libya.
Libya is not a major oil exporter to the US. Russia is a larger oil and gas exporter to Europe and the US than is Libya.


  1. So,RUSSIA is getting fed up, is it? Well, in the same week in which it was reported in the British press that Superman has renounced his US citizenship at the United Nations, Putin went as far as to suggest that Libya's oil resources were the main object of NATO's interest in Libya (Libya Turmoil 111) while in Libya Turmoil 104 we were told (Quote)Why the West Wants the fall of Gaddafi and, No, it's NOT about oil, it's much bigger (Unquote) let me tell you, Russia isn't the only one getting "fed up".


  2. @ Atl.

    I am not quite sure what you mean, but the African card is definitely one of the major elements the mind of the 3 stooges.
    Further is the money card important and of course the oil reserves.
    It's not a one problem situation..
    The African card was on my mind since 4 years as dangerous, but just.
    I knew the French were going to dislike that immensely.
    Further Gaddafi torpedoed the Mediterranean/French initiative.
    The Ouattara/Gbagbo fight in Ivory Coast is one more Gaddafi/Sarkozy fight.

  3. The Ouattara/Gbagbo fight in Ivory Coast is one more Gaddafi/Sarkozy fight.

    O-oh, I didn't know that. Interesting!

  4. The assassinations were premeditated in at least some US military circles, there is evidence for that straight from the horse's mouth:

    20 April. “Qaddafi, his extended family, and his key supporters need to be targeted for their attacks on Libyan civilians, even if they are collocated in civilian areas. They need to be confronted with the choice between exile or death, and bombing needs to be intense enough so it is clear to them that they must make a choice as soon as possible.
    This kind of operation cannot be “surgical’ – if “surgical” now means minimizing bloodshed regardless of whether the patient dies. Hard, and sometimes brutal, choices need to be made between limited civilian casualties and collateral damage during the decisive use of force and an open-ended war of attrition that will produce far higher cumulative civilian casualties and collateral damage. “

    If you click on the author's name, you'll see he has a long history of working for the US government.

    My very special Salutations for these most difficult* days (* hopefully)!

  5. @ Levantine.

    Before Sarkozy became minister he was the lawyer for Ouattara in France.
    His ex-wife Cecilia is still today partner of Ouattara in a major real estate company in Paris.
    Gbagbo was more the local boy while Ouattara had an international career, World Bank etc. and was thus more acceptable to the West.
    Gaddafi financed Gbagbo against the Ouattara financing and support by France.
    They both cheated heavily in the elections.

  6. Perhaps the following link should be read with the melody of Patsy Cline's hit "Crazy" being played in the background. I don't know, you tell me.

    Whatever next? Perhaps Obama at the UN renouncing HIS US citizenship for similar idealistic reasons, wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt, no doubt.