Monday, May 16, 2011

Libya Turmoil 124

Arab tribes in Egypt don't agree anymore, corresponding to my original articles when I started this blog.

Arab tribes in Egypt urges NATO to stop the attacks on Libya

egipatplemAt the meeting, "Arab tribes of Egypt" was held on Saturday condemned the NATO attacks on Libya, which is a consequence of the suffering of civilians and to the integrity teritorijlni Libya.Participants of the meeting, tribal leaders of Egypt, called for an immediate cease-fire in Libya and the beginning of the dialogue is the only path to reconciliation between separatists and the Libyan government. Unfortunately, there are those who put the stumbling block in front of a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis. "NATO must urgently stop military strikes on Libya. Due to the efforts of some factors that divide Libya to the east and west, the Middle East can happen another Iraq "- said the Egyptians.

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