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Libya Turmoil 114

Emotional article from Mathaba.
Mathaba is a news agency which gives from time to time and very often concrete accurate articles with good info.
The following article is an emotional outcry with florid language but the Libyan basics are true.
Therefore I advise my readers to read the article for the basic Libyan truths in it and to ignore the emotion.
If my country, Flanders, would be bombed every day I would be emotional too.

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NATO Rome Meeting to Consider Losses in Libya

Posted: 2011/05/04
From: Mathaba
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May 3rd and 4th a handful of fascists lead by Hillary Clinton are meeting in Rome, to try to put a brave face on the world war that NATO have unleashed and which they cannot win

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Rome today for a two-day meeting of the Libya Contact Group of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) better known to the world's people as the North Atlantic Terrorist Alliance.

Clinton will attempt to reconcile splits within NATO, caused by the "FUKUS" Alliance of France UK and US-led military action against Africa's most wealthy and leading sovereign state.

The bombing campaign, which began March 19, has become increasingly savage, but has failed to oust the African King Muammar Gaddafi, who has no role within the government nor legislature, Libya being a self-governing direct participatory democracy ("Jamahiriya").

Gaddafi has been nominated as King of the Kings of Africa by some 1,000 African traditional kings who met to discuss the future of Africa. He had encouraged and won support from the Libyan Jamahiriya to put $32 billion into a $42 starting capital fund for an African Central Bank, Monetary Fund and Investment Bank, to develop Africa's health, education and communications infrastructure.

That money has now been stolen by the USA, on the pretext of confiscating Libya's money due to "massacres of civilians" which have long since by military satellite imagery been exposed as never having taken place. On the other hand, plentiful evidence abounds across the net of savage barbarity committed by the armed rebels, supported by NATO.

The US Secretary of State’s task is to maintain the resolve of this now blood-soaked and increasingly fractious coalition, as she cajoles them into further acts of aggression at best, or at worst, to accept to stay together as one body without fracture.

Clinton's Objectives

The first objective, ongoing aggression, will be impossible to achieve, unless some very big rewards are given to Turkey and Germany. Already last month, the CIA failed to bring down Germany's leader Merkel with a Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse which was directed at the aircraft she was scheduled to be on, causing it to fall many thousand feet almost to the ground before recovering.

If NATO does agree to continue the aggression, it is inevitable that the conflict will start to involve other nations, not least Russia and eventually China. The African Union, the supra-national legal and governmental body which makes up all 53 states of Africa including Libya, has very clearly stated that NATO must withdraw and cease all attacks.

Failing that, the objective of holding NATO together after its acts of lawlessness that are going to face imminent international legal action against it, not only by Libya but by Africans and other supporters of truth and justice around the world, is also not an easy feat to accomplish. Turkey will need to be promised membership of the European Union as a bribe to entice it to go along, the Turkish Prime Minister already having signalled his willingness to do so under those conditions.

Sending signals that he will play ball, Turkey's Prime Minister said that "Gaddafi must go", never mind that Gaddafi has nothing to go from other than his house and home in Libya. He also said that "someone else should rule Libya", which is a direct insult to the more than 5 million people of the Jamahiriya, because this simply means that they should give up on their people's power democracy and accept a western-style Al-CIAduh dictatorship.

Germany would be easier to cajole, were it not for German objectivity and logic, which now includes not just the former "West Germans" but also those from the East, who are more nationalistically minded to the interests of Germany and also includes those who are more oriented toward justice and Africa's rights. Germans are also mindful of how fast things can change and that legal actions can fast become possible with a weakened west.

Germany, more than any other nation aside from Japan which is now under destruction thanks to its blind trust of U.S. atomic power, knows too that it is the only western nation that is doing well under capitalism, by pure unadulterated hard work, and without relying upon any colonial resources, unlike its lazy and incompetent "allies" France, England and the "United" States which itself is facing fracture and imminent collapse.

NATO's Ongoing Failures

The Rome meeting takes place in the same week that desperate attempts to achieve a piece of "good news" to report to the Rome meeting, meant what may have been hundreds of repeated attempts to bomb and attack Gaddafi and kill him ahead of the meeting, but which instead martyred his youngest son Saif al-Arab and three of Gaddafi children all aged under 3 years of age, who were examined by French surgeon Gerrard Le Clouereca, according to France 24.

He does not work for the Libyan Government and confirmed that all of the children had died from blast injuries. He could not identify them individually because their faces were too badly mutilated.

Saif al-Arab had nothing to do with politics nor business and was a simple student studying in Germany. His school and classmates and friends too, as well as the world that supports the David against Goliath resistance against one-sided state terrorism, will be watching to see Germany's reaction and continued role within NATO.

Earlier in the same day the state television centre had been targeted, as Gaddafi was giving a live address. The picture could be seen vibrating with each detonation. Gaddafi left the studio taking off his microphone as the cameras were still running.

Desperate Measures: Resurrect Bin Laden and Kill Him Again

In desperation with the failure of Plan A (get rid of Gaddafi via the rebels), and Plan B (support the rebels with firepower), and Plan C (take out Gaddafi directly by NATO) had all failed, as the rebels fail to make further advances and NATO "precision bombs" continue to miss their targets and overstep a mandate that they do not have even from the defunct United Nations Security Council which they control, the FUKUS grouping leading the attack on Africa via NATO had to implement Plan D.

Plan D for Dumb, Desperate, Deluded, was to release heavily doctored images of Osama Bin Laden (aka Sam Ben London)'s beard superimposed upon another of the many thousands of bloodied bodies by NATO's actions in the Indian subcontinent around Pakistan and Afghanistan. To add to the Doubt, Disbelief and Derision of anyone except the 3 F-UK-US stooges Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron themselves, the body was said to have been dumped out to sea. (ROFL)

However, one of the dunces with a hopeful finger in the pot, the Libyan opposition "spokesman", welcomed the US "assassination" of Osama Bin Laden even though he had already died 10 year earlier. “We are very happy and we are waiting for the next step”, Colonel Ahmed Bani said. “We want the Americans to do the same to Gaddafi”.

This enthusiasm for criminality speaks volumes about the nature of the “rebels” who want to murder Gaddafi and replace the more than 2,000 Libyan People's Conferences with their single 31-man "TNC" Council, better known as the Terrorists Nazi Council, of which 8 members are known and the rest are "Anonymous". If they come to power it will be as the beneficiaries of a campaign that has flouted the norms of international law, and as puppets of the Western powers to get rid of people's power and socialism in Libya.

NATO Alliance News Media Failures

The turn to assassination has also been applauded by sections of the media. In the wake of the failed attempt to murder Gaddafi, the Times (of London), which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, called for the bombing of “command and control centres” to be stepped up―a veiled reference to further assassination attempts. The Bab al-Azizyah complex, although it is in part residential, is regarded as a command and control centre.

“This is a war”, said the Times, “that cannot be allowed to drag on”. NATO had placed paid full page advertisements in several NATO countries' main newspapers, however, it is the Internet where people are able to get more detailed analysis and impartial coverage.

The Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide, South Australia, another of the hundreds of papers owned by Murdoch's News Corp, and the only one in that city of one million people, via it's Political Editor Mark Kenny, wrote that the murder of Gaddafi's youngest child and grandchildren marks "an escalation in the international campaign to rid the impoverished North African country of the brutal tyrant who has ruled for 42 years."

Firstly, Libya is by far not an impoverished nation, Australia these days is. Libya is Africa's most wealthy country, and the living standard and numerous freebies of its population would be the envy of most Australians. As Kenny can find this information, as well as the fact that Gaddafi is anything but a brutal tyrant, and has not ruled Libya for 42 years but only some 8 years or so after 1969, are available to him via web sites that he will no doubt trust, not even WikiPedia, but UN agencies and even the CIA data base itself.

As a result, Mark Kenny is hereby being asked to print a retraction in the Advertiser, it will be put to him additionally by letter during the time-limitation statute period if he has not responded, and if he still does not do so, legal action will be initiated against him for slander, libel, endangering lives by misreporting, misleading the Australian public, and any legal angle lawyers will be able to take, in order to set an example for other journalists to be honest. It is no longer acceptable after the Iraq and Afghanistan war debalce that cost too many Australian lives, to mislead the Australian public into possible future support for a Third European Imperialist World War.

It is common place for paid journalists to be lazy, exhibit manifest levels of sloth, even to the degree that they don't Google or spell check, and even to put wrong photographs with their articles as his "Gaddafi's son dies in strike on house" page 5 article in the Adelaide Advertiser of Monday, May 2nd has done. A photograph not of Saif al-Arab but of Saif al-Islam who continues to live on was posted.

A sincere apology from the Advertiser, to its readers with a correction of the above mentioned 2 issues and also an apology to the Gaddafi family for posting the wrong photo, is due, and quickly. Saif al-Islam, is not without means even now, and as long as he survives he will be more than ready to take legal action against Kenny and his paper for libel, that much we know from past actions, as it Mathaba which already cost the London Telegraph some $2 million in legal costs in actions taken against it.

Unwinnable War

Air strikes against “command and control centres” in Libya are “wholly legitimate”, Foreign Secretary William Hague declared yesterday. Gaddafi could only “open the way” for a political solution to the conflict by "stepping down from power", Hague told parliament, repeating the mantra knowing full well that there is nothing for Gaddafi to step down from.

The targeting of Gaddafi is only the most high-profile of the illegal acts being carried out. At the weekend, a building run by the Libyan Down’s Syndrome Society was bombed in a NATO raid. It houses a parent-funded school for children with Down’s Syndrome. No children were on the premises, but children up to the age of six attend the school to learn the skills that will enable them to integrate into mainstream education. Ismail Seddigh founded the school 17 years ago after his own daughter was born with Down’s.

“I felt sad really”, he said as he surveyed the wreckage. “I kept thinking, what are we going to do with these children?”

NATO’s bombing campaign is now openly aimed at regime change, making nonsense of all claims to be seeking to protect civilians.

Ambulance services have been seriously impaired by the lack of voice communications. Farmers have been forced to abandon their fields, leading to a serious shortage of food in local markets. The Al-Hira region south of Tripoli has been targeted by repeated waves of air raids. The UN World Food Programme has warned that there is food crisis developing as a result.

Since NATO took the lead from the United States, there have been 2,000 bombing raids carried out over Libya. But the opposition has proved to be incapable of mounting an effective military campaign even when stiffened with the presence of scores of Western military advisers.

The Washington Post recently quoted an anonymous Western observer based in Benghazi who told them point blank that a military victory for the rebels is unlikely. There simply is not enough time to train them, he said. “One has to conclude: They will never win this war using their military”.

From the beginning of the crisis Britain has attempted to use its contacts in the Libyan Jamahiriya to engineer a regime change. Italy, which will host the contact group meeting today, has even closer contacts with the Jamahiriya.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has come under intense pressure from within his own government since he agreed to allow Italian jets to take part in the bombing of Libya. The popular Northern League party which is allied to his government has threatened to bring down the government, arguing that the bombings will cause a wave of refugees to flee Libya for Italy, a result they bitterly oppose. Initially, Italy agreed to allow NATO to use its airbases and to take part in policing the no-fly zone but refused to fire any weapons. Berlusconi then responded to US demands and ordered Italian jets to bomb ground targets.

President Barack Obama expressed his appreciation in a phone call with Berlusconi. The pair absurdly claimed that Italian participation was “necessary to strengthen the civilian protection mission”.

Hillary Clinton will hold bilateral meetings with Berlusconi, President Giorgio Napolitano, and Foreign Minister Franco Frattini while she is in Rome. Washington is clearly determined to strengthen the resolve of the fragile Italian government and to make full use of its connections with the Libyan regime. The US already failed to convince Gaddafi to leave his house and accept some honorary position within the African Union in some other African country. He responded effectively along the lines of "I'll leave my home, if you kneel in front of me and acknowledge that I am the King of Kings of Africa, and while you are at it, you can give me Custodianship of the Holy Mecca."

On the table at the Rome meeting is what is being described as “nation-building” with the typical deluded and arrogant colonial euphemism for overthrowing democracy. This is a thinly disguised plan to create a new regime out of the rebel Transitional (Terrorist) National Council, which includes Al-Qaida elements who were released from Guantanemo and elements from within the old regime.

“After all, the rebels of the Transitional National Council (TNC) represent just one part of the Libyan society”, Riccardo Alcaro, a transatlantic relations expert at the Rome-based International Affairs Institute told reporters, “and the people today close to Gaddafi must understand that in tomorrow’s Libya there’s place for them as well”.

Alcaro doubts that regime change can be achieved by the bombing campaign alone. “The allies thought they could oust Gaddafi easily and rapidly thanks to UN Resolution 1973, but they were wrong”.

An alternative scenario put forward by Arturo Varvelli, a researcher at the Milan-based ISPI institute of international politics, envisions Libya “eventually split in two parts”.

The allies, says Varvelli, “skinned the bear before it’s been shot…the Italian government intervened when it was too late, leaving France in the spotlight. We lost an opportunity to gain the leadership of the Libyan conflict management”.

These differences between experts reflect the divisions within and between the world powers.

Shashank Joshi of the Royal United Services Institute, Chatham House, in London said that the death of Gaddafi’s son was “a grievous strategic error―militarily insignificant but diplomatically disastrous”.

He continued, “If the strike had killed Col. Gaddafi himself, would it then have been at least a military success? … One of the greatest mistakes of the Iraq war was assuming that, with the departure of Saddam Hussein, the state apparatus could simply be transferred to new ownership”.

Joshi warned that the tactics being employed by the allies "will harden the diplomatic opposition to the war", from the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as well as the African Union and other international groupings. "More consequentially, it will anger the alliance’s more wary members, like Germany and Turkey, and inflame parts of Arab and African public opinion".

The other major initiative under discussion in Rome will be plans to funnel arms and money to the rebels in Benghazi. This presents legal difficulties, given that UN Resolution 1973 clearly does not cover such plans. But like targeted killings, this too is now a de facto policy, and NATO will need to continue its attempt to enter Africa in the hope of victory so as to avert legal liability on the historic premise that "the victor writes the laws".

Nevertheless, for all those who have eyes to see, the 3 bankrupt F-UK-US states have as much chance of winning this war and eliminating the Libyan government, let alone the Gaddafi family and derailing mounting support for the victims, as they have of watching the Pope give birth to twins. No fake terrorist incidents at the London Olympics, the Eiffel Tower or the Vatican, will be able to bring about support from a world public that has long ago woken up to these tricks.

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  1. "No fake terrorist incidents at the London Olympics, the Eiffel Tower or the Vatican..."

    Should a terrorist incident take place at any one or all of these venues, who gets to decide whether the attacks were real or fake?

    Sorry,but raw emotion and understandable anger toward the actions of any perceived aggressor is no excuse for this kind of mindless drivel.


  2. I think it is a good article covering the main topics and their perspective. Yes, we would be angry and upset if that amount of bombing was raining down on our country based on false facts. It is a tragedy and a disgrace that the UN/our government is involved in this.

  3. " Atlan.

    I am pretty sure you would never vote for Gaddafi either or chant and dance 24 hours a day on:"God, Moammar, Libya first", which all Libyans, educated or not, do in Tripoli now, trance like.
    My effort is not to prove that Gaddafi is a democrat, Western style, or God's gift to humanity, my effort is to prove that he is the preferred leader of his own people, and that the West has no business here bombing people of a totally different culture, which the Etonians and the Ivy Leaguers don't even understand.

  4. Absent the mindless drivel I alluded to in my original post and CAM may well have a point. But for as long as the (usual) mindless drivel remains a permanent feature in the narrative of articles such as this, my criticism of the article(s) remain valid.