Thursday, May 19, 2011

Libya Turmoil 139

Finally the Libyans start talking in English.

Moussa Ibrahim is perfect.
Please check this site and look ar all video's:


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  2. Hello
    It is some video from Russia :)

  3. @ HomaNova : thank you I put the video on my blog!

  4. @ HomaNova

    Thanks, Russian ballads are unique and the West is totally ignoring their cultural roots and put to shame the fathers of the European Judeo/Christian/Roman civilisationThis ballad, although romantically over the top has one immovable line:
    Fight for fatherland is sacred, everyone should love his people.
    The "new West" is ashamed of "his people" and is already paying the price for this.

  5. @HomaNova
    thanks, I love the Russina passion and soul expressed here. I think Russians have suffered a lot in the past and feel empathy for the poor Libyan peoples' suffering. CAM

  6. here is a Libyan anti war song: CAM

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