Sunday, May 15, 2011

Libyan Turmoil 121

Conclusions of the tribal gathering in Tripoli.

Libyan chiefs, dignitaries call for new constitution

Tripoli, Libya - The national forum of leaders and dignitaries of the Libyan tribes have called for a debate to promulgate a constitution that will organize power in the country, determine competences, protect citizens' rights and guarantee fundamental freedoms. In a communique released Friday in Tripoli, after the end of a two-day deliberations, the forum proposed the establishment of a committee of experts in charge of drafting the constitution, which will then be discussed and submitted to a referendum. The forum focused on the preservation of national wealth and basic resources of the country, such as oil, gas, water and frozen assets and the protection of major national projects, such as the Great Artificial River, airports, ports and industries that will be put under the protection of the Libyan forces.

Any infringement of these riches would be considered a crime of high treason.

The communique also described as void, all agreements and commitments proposed by the National Transitional Council (CNT, opposition) with any foreign country.

It called for the promulgation of a law of general amnesty for all those involved in the events as a prelude to opening a new period marked by harmony and tolerance in Libya.

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